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There are innumerable books by Dada Vaswani and on Dada Vaswani. I had no intention on writing another book on the Saint. Thus, I tried my best not to accept the invitation to pay a visit to Dada’s Mission and also to meet the Master. Two months later, it was Saina, my wife, who out of sheer exasperation convinced me to go and at least meet Dada.

Once you enter the Mission you cannot miss the Samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani, a Perfect Master and the Guru of Dada Vaswani.

Bowing at the Shrine, I felt I was back in Shirdi, in front of my Master, Baba Sai and thus it was in this Holy Shrine of Sadhu Vaswani that I decided to write this book. I was also quite certain that I would not write another biography on Him. Biographies are like landmines. Either you land up putting your foot into your mouth or worse shoving your foot into the mouth of your subject. Either the book gets all condescending or looks as though you are besotted or sucking up to the focus of your attention.

I just wanted to write a book on spirituality and get answers to questions about life, all the nonsense associated with ‘so called living’ and also about the paranormal and all the illusionary stuff associated with the spirit world. I wanted the book to be a conversation between a Sage and a seeker. I wanted the book to help anybody interested in anything related with spirituality or just trying to keep head above water when life is giving the individual a thrashing of his or her life. I hope this book helps all those who are striving to walk the Path.

I interviewed Dada over a period of a few months. Met Him innumerable times. Each time I realised that may be due to some good karma in some mangled past life time of mine, I had been given this truly spiritual as well as fun filled time with a Saint. I had a great time talking to Dada. Had a blast. We shared many laughs together. Chuckled a lot. Found lots of things weird and strange and we laughed and we talked and we wanted to spend more time with each other but then when you are a spiritual Master, you have lots of responsibilities and you have to juggle a lot of things, thus Dada could spare an hour and a half every other day. Every time we would end the interview, He would tell one and all around Him that He wanted to spend more time conversing about this and that but then there are many a slip between the bucket and the hip.

Being with Dada, was like reconnecting with my grandparents and elders, all rolled into one. There are two qualities about Dada that I doubt I have encountered in any body.

First and foremost Dada is truly a Disciple. I will not use an adjective to describe a disciple. There are no comparative grades for being a disciple. Either you are a disciple or you are not a disciple. It’s like you cannot be partially pregnant. You either are or you aren’t. When you meet Dada you come back with the fragrance of Sadhu Vaswani. You sometimes even forget Dada. That is Dada’s greatest strength and His most profound quality is His love for His Guru, Sadhu Vaswani.

Many people wonder that why aren’t there any truly great Gurus like those who were present in the past. Well maybe, that is because there are no real disciples. You have followers and devotees and very often astutely disillusioned nut jobs who spend their lives bullshitting themselves and their loved ones about following the spiritual path when in reality all that they are doing is hiding or running away from their reality or those who are on a perpetual spree of spiritual shopping, but disciples are rare. Dada is a disciple. I love Him for that. If I could be blessed with one tenth of the love for my Guru, which He has for His Master, I think the burden I put on Mother Earth with my existence will be lightened. If you are a Guru reading this emotional twaddle, then pray you have one disciple like Dada in your noisy flock.

Being a Disciple, Dada thus automatically becomes the most humble man I have ever met. I have met powerful sages, great human beings, leaders, truly good and noble individuals, but I doubt if I have ever met a more humble person than Dada Vaswani. I guess because He doesn’t consider Himself as a Master and only operates and lives and breathes as a Disciple, humility comes naturally to Him and flows through His very breath. You try to touch His feet and He tries to dive for yours. He receives all accolades due to Him on behalf of His Master. He is untouched by pride. If you read articles on Him, written even four decades ago, this aspect of His humility is always written about. He fell down at the age of ninety two playing table tennis with kids and has been on the wheel chair. He is ninety eight years old. Not once has He complained to anybody including Himself. Furiously independent He now has to be dependent on others for a lot of things. Most importantly a very private individual, He no longer can get the privacy He has lived ninety two years of His life before the fall. But this Man does not complain ever. Somebody who was always outdoors on His feet, now sits quietly, working, meeting people, painful physiotherapy, talks and satsangs, and He does it happily, with not one complain. Even then this Man, this Disciple, this Master, goes about His life making His Master happy and proud of Him. I mean, even if you are a skeptical maggot, for God sake, trust me when I tell you, Dada’s humility and surrender to His Master is humbling.

Dada and I shared a lot of laughs. He is one of the most witty and humorous people whom I have met and I am a Zoroastrian, trust me, I have met my share of humorous and witty folks in my life and Dada stands tall even here. His humour is never disparaging. He doesn’t take pot shots at people. He never puts people down. He always likes to ignore the ninety nine flaws and focus on that one good quality about everybody. And we laughed a lot. I will truly miss those days.

When I am breathing my last and I relive all the heartwarming moments that I have gone through, my time with Dada Vaswani will certainly be one of them.

This book will hold a special place in my heart. Not because of Dada Vaswani the Saint but because of Dada Vaswani the Disciple.

I pray the Divine Mother bless you always.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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