Dance of Life

BABA says there’s only one way of truly living. That is by giving one’s best and leaving the rest to one’s GODDESS GOD GURU.
To reach that state of calmness, one needs to then truly understand how to pray and how to use one’s Free Will.
One needs to understand the Laws of Karma, Destiny and also life after one drops the physical body.
This workshop dwells in all these areas.

This is a Two Day Workshop for three hours each day

Coping Masterclass : YOU ARE NOT ALONE

A 6-Hour Coping Masterclass : YOU ARE NOT ALONE

I am thrilled to come together with Ruzbeh Bharucha to share with you divine wisdom and practical, effective coping mechanisms, brought to us by Cosmic Masters, Sai Baba & Cosmic OverLord JadeFire. These Divine Masters have inspired this MasterClass, in order to aid people go through the times of transition into the New World. 

The pandemic has not been easy for anyone. In different ways, stress and tension of a kind that we are not used to, has entered our home. The physical after effects of Covid are to be battled against, as do the losses that seem too big to comprehend. Combine that with jobs lost, escalation of work pressures, deep decline in income and livelihood, conflicts in relationships, depression and anxiety, and you have the recipe for impending collapse of the inner and outer system.

The first three hours of the workshop (that shall be conducted over ZOOM), focus upon awareness, and a deep understanding of the present and the future times. The next three hours focus upon practical and energy tools that are very effective in our endeavour to help ourselves and others.

This is a Two Day Workshop for three hours each day



Sai Baba of Shirdi has spoken innumerable gems of wisdom. This workshop tries to decode what Sainath truly meant and the deeper meanings behind His words of wisdom. It also dwells on His various conversations and teachings on how to live life with dignity, calmness and wisdom.

This is a Two Day Workshop for one hour fifteen minutes each day

Developing Practical Divine Spirituality

This workshop guides you to incorporate spirituality in our day to day life. It dwells on how to stay connected with one’s Master and with one’s higher self without compromising on one’s day to day activities and duties. Where one continues completing one’s karmic blueprint of the mundane world and also grow spiritually. Different methods and simple techniques which one can simultaneously integrate in one’s routine without changing one’s lifestyle. Learn the guide to incorporate spirituality in your day to day life.

This is a One Day Workshop for two hours

Calming the Mind via Breathing and Meditation

Thoughts which are not under our control lead to pain, anxiety, stress and ill health.
This workshop reveals various techniques of breathing and meditation to help have control over one’s mind and the influx of thoughts and also helps to further connect with one’s inner and higher self.
Simple ways to grow spiritually using the breath as the main vehicle.
Especially potent for those who do not have a lot of time to sit and meditate but would still like to incorporate meditation into their daily lives to grow spiritually.

This is a One Day Workshop for two hours

Tapping into one's psychic abilities

This workshop is for those who are keen on becoming mediums, channels, automatic writers, healers, card readers as well as those who want to be used as a channel for the Divine Energy to flow through countless different ways.
It is for all those who are on the spiritual path and would like to take their journey forward by learning how to connect with the Divine Energy and use this Energy for their personal growth as well as to help others to walk the Path.
The process of becoming a channel through automatic writing will also be taught.
Protection practices to shield oneself on this voyage will be focused on.

Energy to flow through. It is for all those who are on the spiritual path and would like to take their journey forward by learning how to connect and be with the Divine Energy.

This is a One Day Workshop for two hours

The Thirukkural

The Thirukkural penned by Sage Thiruvalluvar, has been considered the ultimate book for spiritual seekers.

It contains some of the greatest truths of life and has been given the highest place of honor by Sages since over two thousand years.

This workshop decodes this magnificent book to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

This is a One Day Workshop

The Fakir Decoded

The Fakir Decoded is a workshop on the various philosophies written in The Fakir quadrilogy by the author himself. 

The workshop shall contain spiritual truths, life coping mechanisms, prayers, meditation and a road to ones spiritual life. 

Come, walk along with The Fakir. 

This is a Two Day Workshop

Coping with stress, anxiety and depression

Practical and spiritual ways of handling day to day stress, anxiety and persistence depression. 

One day workshop.

This is a One Day Workshop

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