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78 To Christ With Love


Jesus, The Christ, as well as Jesus, The Man, had a strange journey to make. For The Man, the last journey and for The Son of God, it was to reunite with His Father, once again.

The journey eventually for Both, The Christ and The Man who held The Energy of The Lord, The Christ Energy, would be tested to the hilt.

Jesus The Christ, The Son of God, knew what lay ahead, that day, when His body would be brutalized and His Spirit tested nearly beyond endurance.

Judas, never wanted Jesus to be crucified. When he realised that his betrayal was the cause of Jesus being condemned to death by crucifixion, he shouted to the High Priest that Jesus was innocent. “I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood” (27:4).  Nobody would listen. He threw those thirty pieces of silver at the door step of the Temple and then realising that nothing would stop Jesus from being crucified, Jesus who He truly loved, but due to a moment of insanity had betrayed, Judas killed Himself. Hung Himself and forever was condemned for posterity to be the main villain in the story of Jesus The Christ.

I can only imagine what must have gone through the mind of Judas. He had made a mistake. He had blundered. But He had not wanted Jesus to be put to death, and death through crucifixion, never. How many of us have not sinned far greater than Judas. Who are we to blame or hate Him for His mistake?

And if Judas had not done what He did, would Jesus The Christ, have got the opportunity to take on the suffering and sins of all mankind, and redeem us all of our convoluted Karmic journey? So in the arena of Karmic play, had not Judas agreed to take on the worst scripted role any human being would have ever wanted to enact, the heaven above would have had to find another Judas, but without Judas, Jesus could not have enacted His part of the Script. And Judas loved Jesus. And like so many of us who Love another but become that person’s greatest enemy, all in the name of love, poor Judas too walked the same path.

 And if He had not, wouldn’t The Lord and Jesus The Christ, have to find another soul, willing to take on the role of betraying Jesus.

Somewhere down our Karmic pathway, how many times must have we played the role of both Jesus and Judas in a lesser intensity, The Lord alone would know.

The script was written and now only the motions had to be gone through. Pilate, who was in charge of the trial, tried his level best to protect Jesus but no, The Old Man, had finished the script, and like pawns, all had to enact their part. Jesus the son of Mother Mary and Father Joseph, had to be crucified, for Jesus The Christ to be resurrected and to live on for all eternity and beyond.

So the date of birth of Jesus The Man, may or may not be December 25th, but the true birth of Jesus The Christ was three days after His crucifixion.

So the sordid drama began. The soldiers first stripped Jesus in front of all those who were present. People spat on Him. Jeered Him and abused Him. The soldiers thrashed The Son of God, while the Heaven above, The Archangels and The Lord Himself, held back. The furnace of Karmic cleansing spares nobody, not even God, Goddess or The Son of God.

If Jesus The Christ had to take on the suffering and sins of all of creation, then the law of Karma necessitates Jesus The Man and The Christ to pay the bill.

Stripped naked, spat upon, jeered and then the soldiers began to hit Jesus on His head. They kept hitting Him till a part of His face was unrecognizable. He was hit upon the head repeatedly.

Here it is; Jesus The Christ who could make the blind see, make the lame walk, cure the lepers, intervene on behalf of the dying and raise the dead, had to stand quietly, while Jesus The Man was being thrashed about, insulted, abused, mocked, spat upon, stripped, humiliated.

And the Heavens watched. The Archangels sighed. And The Lord said this has to pass and so be it.

They put on a purple robe on the battered body of Jesus, to mock Him, as purple was considered to be the colour of royalty. They wanted to mock at Him as He said He was The Son of God, and thus royalty.

And Jesus The Christ and Jesus The Man must have known that this was just the beginning of the last waltz.

Then they made Him wear a crown of thorns and I can only imagine how they must have made Him wear it. His head and face was already battered, bleeding and He must have gone partially blind and deaf at that stage and then to force upon Him this crown of thorns, I cannot begin to imagine how much it must have hurt.

Did He ever want to call upon The Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, to put an end to all this misery and allow Him to show to the world that yes, He was The Son of God, and who dare touch Him, or The Man, The Son of Mother Mary.

He must have had to restrain Himself. All the pain and humiliation, and He could have made it all go away with a bat of an eyelid, but He did not.

To please His Father and to wipe away our sins and sufferings; didn’t God and He know, that Jesus The Christ, was going through all this suffering in vain. We, mankind, are the scum of the specie. We aren’t going to change. Let Christ come and go. Let Him be nailed to the Cross a hundred times over, we, dear God, are not going to change. Nope. You allowed Your Son to be crucified in vain and You sat there in Your Heaven, chaining Your Archangels too, and watched The Son of Mother Mary be put through hell. Good going Boss Man, good going. Anybody down here would have told You, You need a better script writer dear Lord.

He was made to wear a crown of thorns and the thrashing continued. They wanted Him to drink something that would ease His pain so that He would be able to carry the cross and Jesus refused. How could He let anything reduce the pain? That would not please The Lord right. That would not fit into the whole Karmic cleansing song and dance routine.

They made Him carry the cross and made another man, some say a dark skinned man, help a bit. All through the journey He was mocked, hit, whipped, spat upon, while His devotees and apostles and disciples, watched in silence. All the while Jesus The Christ had to control Himself from unleashing His power while at the same time Jesus The Man underwent the worst possible pain known to mankind.

The entire crucifixion took six hours. Each minute must have seemed an hour. And then they nailed Him to the Cross. We are so used to seeing Him nailed to the Cross, that we forget what it must have felt like with rusted nails being shoved and hammered into His hands and legs. The tip of a needle when pricks our finger makes us grimace. Rusted needles being banged into His hands and feet…..and our good Lord watched from above. Somebody has to pay the Karmic bill, no ifs and buts. So what if He is Jesus The Christ or even an Avatar.

Christ thus said the most famous words in any language…. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I mean come on you need to be Christ to be able to say all this. I know what I would have told God to do with the chaps crucifying me. It would involve a certain part of their anatomy being nailed to the floor.

But this was the same Jesus The Christ, who preached that if somebody slapped you on one cheek, give the bastard your other cheek.

And what did He prove? That no matter what, don’t resort to violence. Don’t hit back, as in the other person God resides too; though in a comatose state. To forgive is the greatest act of spirituality. To let go and let be, and where does forgiveness come from? It comes from harbouring love and compassion for each and every living being or inanimate object. To be able to forgive means to be able to live in a state of unconditional, selfless divine love and humble compassion.

And then He told the thief who had faith in Jesus as The Christ, “Truly I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

There were two thieves along with Jesus being crucified. The other thief kept taunting Jesus to prove He was The Son of God and that He could perform miracles and Jesus kept quiet. The other thief, when He saw Jesus forgiving those who was so brutal to Him and Praying to God to forgive His tormentors, the thief, hardened from a life time of crime, his heart softened, seeing Jesus The Christ, with one side of His head banged to pulp, blood dripping all over His face and body, still forgive the tormentors.

 When you are in the presence of Pure Compassion it is truly hard to remain closed to the Selfless Love of The Divine. And the thief told Jesus, who was battered and bruised himself, one of the most heart-breaking words, “Remember me when You come to Your Kingdom.” What he meant was, “Remember me when I come to Your Kingdom.” If this is not faith and love, what is? And what does Christ tell the man, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”.

Then Jesus The Christ, saw Mother Mary. Jesus would always make it clear that all were His brothers and sisters and all were equal and one in front of God, but here, for the first time Jesus The Christ starts attaching Himself to the body and to the gross world. For the first time Jesus The Christ gives way to Jesus The Man when He sees Mother Mary along with Apostle John. He doesn’t see His other brothers and family, but sees His Mother standing with Apostle John, and The Boy and Man and Son within Him must have cringed with apprehension as to who would look after His Mother, Mother Mary. So He tells Both Mother Mary and Apostle John, “Woman, behold your son… (John) Behold your mother”

For the first time during the entire crucifixion, The Man over shadowed The Spirit.

Yes, one can also look at it this way, that even though in so much suffering, Jesus yet thought about another Person’s wellbeing; I am sure, I agree with you, but I will still go with my gut, Jesus The Christ, for the first time let Jesus The Son, of Mother Mary, come to the fore.  It was Jesus The Christ who had once told a band of followers, when He saw Mother Mary and His brothers in the same gathering: “Who is My Mother and who are My brethren?.. For whoever does the Will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother ” and Jesus The Man, told John to take care of His Mother.

This is why, I think, for those brief moments, that slip over where the connection with the gross body over took the connection with The Spirit; Jesus The Man, cried out “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” (“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”)

I am certain, Jesus The Christ who connected only with The Spirit, could not and would not have looked to the Heavens and rebuked God, His Father. Nope. It was Jesus The Man, who did so, as for a brief moment, His human emotions, coming from the connection with the gross body superseded the strength of The Spirit and the laws of silent obedience and blasted Karma, thus He screamed out to God, asking why had His Father deserted Him?

Yes, it could also mean that Jesus couldn’t bear the separation from His Father, The Lord, but I still feel it was Mother Mary’s human Son, who called out to God.

Then He said “I am thirsty.” This I believe is Him slowly going back to His original Christ Hood, slowly going back into The Spirit, disconnecting with the body. I am thirsty could also mean He was thirsty to go back to His Father but for whatever my understanding is worth, I still feel He was slowly disconnecting with the body, feeling less attached to the pain and agony. Of course He could have just been thirsty; nothing spiritual, nothing paranormal, just bloody thirsty for water, after being put through one of the worst possible tortures known to mankind.

So Jesus goes within after being given a few tabs of sour wine droplets on his bloodied lips. So He regained His centeredness, after the lapse of Oneness with The Spirit, shaken up by the love for His Mother, Mary. It is said that Jesus came to India, stayed some place in Kashmir, and intermingled with Yogis and gained further Yogic Powers brought through with the help of certain breathing techniques. Whatever it may be, I feel He must have taken a few deep breaths, now more and more shallow due to the body slowly closing down due to the physical torture. 

Jesus reconnects with His Christ Self and then says, “It is Finished.” This was once again Christ in command. As The Son of God, Jesus, was in control of all The Elements of Nature and through compassion manipulates the Laws of Karma and take on the suffering of all of Creation via incorrect use of Free Will, and clearing the sins of all, through His Selfless Love. He once had told His followers, “No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of My own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from My Father.”

The meaning is clear, He had destiny within His control, and it was Him, who through His Compassion, took on this work of Karmic Cleansing, and when the work was over, He said, “It is Finished”. So here again we have Jesus The Christ.

When He was convinced that the work was over, His body which was already bruised further by the constant abuse of his captors, even though on the crucifix, He said these last words, “Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit”.

Now that His work was over, He was tired. He was taking on all the sins of mankind, freeing them off all their misdeeds, but the captors still continued to hurt His body, humiliate him and do all that which goes against the grain of compassion and love. He must have known somewhere that mankind would not change. A small doubt must have creeped into Jesus The Christ that this inherent wickedness and cancer like malevolence was ingrained in our DNA.

He looks up and tells His Father, to call Him back. Mission sort of accomplished. I know Christ could not have been blind to mankind’s self destructive nature and also I don’t think Christ lived in denial, but He still gave it His all and hoped beyond hope that His sacrifice would inspire countless people to try and emulate Him; yes there would be many who would go against everything He stood for, but still, one has to give one’s best.

So Jesus, battered gruesomely, breathes His last, as His body gave in.

Three days later, Jesus The Christ resurrected. For forty days He showed Himself to His followers. He lived on and off with His followers those forty days where He could take the form of a human body and shared meals with them. Jesus The Christ had gone beyond, not only the human body but even beyond The Spirit bodies into Pure Consciousness.

The Resurrection of Christ, three days later, was His new birth. Archangels protected the entrance, One sat on the rock that blocked His physical body. The Archangels arranged for all the appearances and all that which followed once Jesus had left the body. They could not do anything to save Jesus The Man, as He had to enact His part. But Jesus The Christ, was Their Leader.

I always wonder that when The Son of God can go through so much of pain, humiliation and suffering, why is it that we want a life where there is no pain, agony, illness and any kind of poverty of body, heart, mind and soul.  Could it be that He allowed Himself to be crucified not only to take on the suffering of mankind and absolve them of their sins, but also to keep reminding us that if The Son of God could suffer, it did not make God unjust or vengeful, but it meant whatever is happening to us, go through all of it with as much calmness and grace as possible. Like Jesus hurt and questioned God, we too will hurt and yes question God (and in India we have as many as thirty three crore Gods and Goddesses to question and accuse), thus, yes, we too will hurt and we will question God and doubt His Existence, but the important thing, the right thing, the wise thing, would be to reconnect with the Spirit within, try to fill the heart with love and compassion, forgive, share, laugh and always remember, when you face the wind or adversity, “chin up”.

Be Blessed.


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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