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Most people love glitter. Most people love drama. Even in the realms of spirituality this is no different. Nowadays, a Master better be able to perform palpable miracles. Making one move from darkness into the light is not considered a miracle. Making an individual a decent human being or enabling another to go through life with head held high is certainly considered as a miracle.

One needs to be able to stop the rain from gushing down, get the blind to see, walk on water, read minds, predict the future….for starters and this is what is truly loved and people shall come from far and wide, and more the miracles the greater the Master. The poor Master has to keep performing miracles at regular intervals, as gone are the days when a Master can perform just a handful of miracles and live on those laurels. If there are no miracles or they stop, then it can only mean one thing; the Master sucks and is a waste of time.

Tajuddin Baba and Baba Sai, performed miracles as that was in Their portfolio.

They performed miracles at a drop of a hat, as the ones who came to them were so poor, so broken, so flogged that they needed to go beyond the state of hopelessness and be embraced with the grace of the Master, in this case through miracles. But there have been various instances of Masters who have refused to perform miracles as they believed that there was nothing spiritual about performing miracles as one should have complete faith in the Creator and never question the Divine Will or Plan.

The fact in reality is very simple. If we come into contact with a true Master, miracles abound; some we can see and some we will never see or even know about.

According to Baba Sai in channeling, the greatest miracle is leading an individual from darkness into Light, as everything noble and good begins when an individual starts embracing the Divine Light and walks on the path of radiance. The miracle takes place each moment of our life then as the Light slowly burns away karma of life times. When a Master predicts something, that prediction is momentary made for a particular reason or purpose. But when a Master initiates us into the path of radiance, when a Master takes us away from darkness into His Light, that miracle is forever and ever more. But how many of us want such a miracle? We want pomp, dance, song and drama.

The Master’s role in the life of a devotee or a disciple is not to change and manipulate the karmic blueprint. The role of the Master is to help each child go through their lot and their karma and the experiences with calmness, wisdom, courage and positive acceptance. That is the true role of the Master. Also most imperative is to make the child move towards the Light and eventually become the Light. But unfortunately, most of us think otherwise. We feel it is the duty of the Master to change, manipulate our present or future condition and situation and karma. Thus, when we go through a harsh period, often we feel that our Master has let us down.

A Master can never let His or Her child down, but the laws of karma have to be obeyed and respected. If laws of karma, cause and effect, are not respected and upheld, then justice ceases to exist and law and order in the Cosmos goes haywire. The Master of course can postpone the inevitable and can also break the weight of the karmic baggage, into smaller parts, but eventually whatever the weight of the karmic baggage, it has to be carried. Masters are here to help each of us to finish off as fast as possible the karmic experiences, so that eventually we are free to move ahead and experience the Oneness and Radiance, be filled with the Oneness and Radiance and eventually become Oneness and Radiance. The more procrastination of the cleansing process is permitted, the Masters are in reality failing Their children.

Baba says that the only aim of life, for every living organism, is to merge and realise his or her true origin and become one with The One. This is and should be the only true priority of every individual. All other priorities are clouded with maya, illusion, wants, desires and duality. Only yearning to realise Oneness is the sole and true priority of each individual, according to Baba Sai. The higher self-works towards this sole priority and the lower self tries everything possible to work against this sole priority. The Master stands between the higher and lower self, slowly helping the child not only to move towards the higher self, but to rest and operate from the higher self, not for a little while, but perpetually, and it is eventually this higher self which will make us realise our true Oneness.

Thus, every Master in reality is One who can see into the past, present and future. The miracles that take place are dependent on, whether the Master feels if this is the appropriate time for the individual to face the experience or can the experience be postponed till the individual is more centered. If the Master feels the child will not be able to go through the karmic experience, and in fact going through the experience, might break the child and thus slower the process of spiritual growth and evolution, or push the child to operate from the depths of the lower self, then the Master could use His or Her Grace to postpone the experience and this will appear to be a miracle.

Say, somebody for sure is going to get bankrupt but the Master realises that in the given scenario, this experience of bankruptcy will make the individual a bitter, mean, petty, human being, which will make the individual create more karma, which would further add to the misery of the child, for many future births. So the Master might save the child from the fire and the experience, and this will appear to be a miracle. But say, the Master feels that the experience is better to be faced and done with at that very moment then the Master will not change the karmic timing and will let the child go through the experience. Remember the experience will have to be undergone. There are no two ways about this. Sometimes, postponement of inevitable karma can appear to be a miracle.

Masters see into the past, present and the future and decide what is best for the child. What the Guru does is to give the child, strength, wisdom, protection, calmness to go through his or her lot with positive acceptance and surrender but most often we do not want this grace from the Guru; we only want the good times and we only want nothing to go wrong for us and our loved ones. The Guru is only interested in our largest good and wellbeing and merger and is not trying to win a popularity contest.

All the Master needs is love. Selfless love and complete surrender. This is all that the Master truly seeks. When He or She gets this, the Master becomes a servant and slave of the disciple. This is the real miracle.

Be blessed always.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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