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After reading my new book, The Aum of All Things, Many of my readers have asked me as to which is the supreme path to Oneness; is it faith (bhakti) or knowledge (Jñān) and proficiency in the scriptures. 

Unlike The Fakir trilogy, which speaks simply about love, faith and surrender to your Master, this book mainly focuses on using your mind and gaining knowledge to move towards Him. My very close loved ones, who truly know me, are aware that when knowledge was being handed out in Heaven, I was standing in the queue where faith and astral cigarettes were being dished out liberally.

Thus, I am a firm believer in the philosophy of Oneness and Faith. For me all spiritual ideologies might take you to the doors of heaven but it is only selfless love, compassion for all and complete positive surrender in the Master that will enable one to enter and walk through that ever open but rather elusive door of heaven.

Death is one of the most inappropriate words to describe an individual passing over to the other side. Death means to cease to exist or the end of life. If you believe that one simply ceases to exist after leaving the body, then its best you shut this book now and give it to somebody, who, like me is insane enough to believe that life continues even after one leaves the body.

Often in my prayers and during channelling sessions, it has been revealed that there are countless ways to meditate and innumerable paths to reach one’s God and Master. Some go about trying to find God or themselves, serving one and all selflessly. Others reach God through Oneness and love; some by being pure, noble, honest-to-God good human beings. Many go about seeking God through compassion while some through joyous faith. Yogis and sages are certain that through meditation and or by tying themselves in yogic knots and working on their Kundalini, Big Daddy up there is going to grin and be pleased as punch. Several people also use intellectual visualization to pray or meditate using their Jñān or knowledge and their intellect through scholarly pursuit. Thus, there are countless paths and The Creator and Master is All Merciful.

Are we created in the image of the Creator? Well that is truly simple to answer. Do you believe you are the spirit in the body or you are the body? If you believe you are the body, then good news! Shut the book and go about your life. If you believe that you are the spirit in the body, that you are the energy that exists and that the body is the container to your spirit, then you are stuck with me.

My logic or illogic is simple. If I am the spirit within this truly battered body of mine, then I have to come out off and from the One who is the Original Spirit. I mean one couldn’t have come out of thin air. If we come out off and from the Original Spirit, then we are the embodiment of all that which the Original Spirit inherently personifies within Itself. If God is an eternal Flame, then we are sparks from that Flame. Thus, whatever the Flame epitomizes, the spark embodies too.

From the seed of an apple, oranges don’t spring forth. The seed of an apple brings forth the apple tree and then the fruit too. Similarly, we who are the spark are the fruit of the Gorgeous Tree which has come from That One Eternal Seed. Whether God likes it or not, each of us has Godhood in a dormant state, waiting to blossom within, once the true reality of the state of ‘I am That’ or Aum Tat Sat is realized. Yes, all seeds don’t grow into trees but every seed has the potential and capability, to become a fruit laden tree, with the right kind of nurturing.

Unfortunately, nowadays people are insistent that if one doesn’t follow only their Master or Faith or Philosophy, one is doomed for eternity, to burn in the bowels of hell, where a large man not too clued about appropriate dress sense or personal hygiene and with a truly bad after-shave, thrusts hot rods in various openings in one’s astral anatomy. But in reality, all Perfect Masters and Prophets are adamant and clear that God is One and that He is All Merciful and there are different ways to reach Him and tickle the Old Man’s funny bone.

Go beyond the obvious and you will understand that the only thing that really matters is to realize the Oneness of it all; The Aum Of All Things.

The word Aum doesn’t belong to any religion. Aum is the sigh of the cosmos. Where the silence is most profound, one hears Aum. It goes beyond religion. The Bible says first there was The Word. That primordial word I believe to be is ‘Aum’ or ‘Ahun’.

What is Karma? Free Will used at some point of our existence, whether in this life time or the past ones, become in the present and future our Karma; our destiny. Which means it’s all about using one’s Free Will. So when we started out, we had only Free Will. The pot of existence contained only Free Will. Then through Free Will we formed karmas and as we used our Free Will, our karmas shaped our lives and then slowly the percentage of karma began to rise and then filled the jar of existence. So our present karma is our past Free Will; if used wrong we experience the ramifications and if used right we gain from the right use of our Free Will. God isn’t involved in our Free Will or karma. That is our responsibility. This is my limited understanding of Karma.

                                      The Aum Of All Things


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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