Experiences of Irwin Luck with Meher Baba

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha


   “When was the first time you heard about Meher Baba?”

   “I heard of Meher Baba through my brother, Edward, who was in New York. I was living in Miami Beach. My brother had gone to a library to find a book to help him in his acting career. In the library, he saw this book called Listen Humanity. This is the New York Library. There are literally over a million books in there but he happened to come across Listen Humanity. He was intrigued by the title and wondered what could be of such importance that the author had written an entire book to all of humanity? This book is about Don Stevens’ three weeks’ stay with Avatar Meher Baba in India. He began to glance through the pages and enjoyed whatever was written. He took the book home with him. After he read the book, he called me up. He said, ‘you know, I just read a book about a Master, His Name is Meher Baba. He says that He is God and He is filled with love. I think you would like to read this book.”

   “How old were you then?”

   “I was, maybe, twenty-two years old. I wasn’t interested in a Master as I was already receiving a lot of inner guidance since a few years. I didn’t think much about Masters anyway. Anyhow, as it turned out, a few months later, I had this very strong inner direction to go to New York. I always followed the guidance that I received. I was working for my dad and living in his house and he asked me, ‘what are you planning to do?’ I said, ‘I am going to New York’. He asked, ‘why are you going to New York? You’re working here. You’re with me. You’re living in a comfortable house. You have all your friends here. You have nothing in New York. Why are you going to New York?’ So, I told him, ‘look, dad, I have a very distinct impression that something of importance will happen there. This move will be very good for me’. He scoffed at this notion. Thus, there was no way out. I had to tell him. I believe that I will get a communication with God. When he heard this, he said to me, ‘why do these things always have to happen to me?’ I told him, ‘it is not happening to you. It’s happening to me’.

   “In a few weeks, I left with my brother for New York. I had seventy odd dollars in my pocket. That was a pittance. We arrived at this hotel called Remington. It was a cheap hotel. I was there for about three or four days. I used to do a particular meditation which always proved very useful for me. I thought to myself, ‘well, I am in New York and I am sure God will reveal what He wants to me’. Nothing happened. I kept trying but I got no message or indication. I was confused. Here, I was in New York, far away from family, home and security; following guidance and intuition and suddenly there was radio silence from above and within.

   “My brother had told me about this Church next door and about this nice priest. I told myself, ‘what the hell, no harm in meeting a priest’. I went and spoke to the priest and he was a very nice man. He was an artist. He thought that one day his paintings would become world famous. Then, the priest told me about this book called, The Autobiography of a Yogi, written by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda and the book was about the author’s journey in spirituality. This Sage had a Master who gave him really incredible experiences of the Cosmos and everything. He began to talk about this Kriya Yoga technique and that there was a process of meditation. I thought, this was great, you just don’t sit down and meditate and nothing happened, which had been my case.

          “The priest told me that I should read this book. The irony of the situation hit me. Here, I was talking to a priest of a religion which I didn’t belong to who was talking about Yogis and a religion that he didn’t belong to too,” Irwin found this rather amusing.

   “I went to the library to get the book but the book was not available. I inquired as to why the book was not available and the woman said that the book had been lent out but if I wanted I could read the book in the library as long as I didn’t take it home. I did so and found the book fascinating. So, as I was reading the book, I remembered what my brother told me about Meher Baba being a Master. So, I wanted to get the book Listen Humanity. I was so highly energised as I read Listen Humanity. I was very impressed by the part where Baba was expressing so much love, bowing down to these poor people and lepers. He was filled with love. His whole life was nothing but love and how much He loved everyone. The problem was that He was not only saying that He was divine but also claiming that He was God. I told myself, ‘well, I’ll put this whole God business aside for the moment’. Baba seemed like a real nice Man. I wanted to go and see Him. He is a Master for sure, I concluded. ‘Let me see what happens because I want to go and meet Him. I want to know God. I want Him to show me, God’. I wanted somebody to show me God. That is what I truly yearned. Here, was a Man claiming to be God, Himself. Who better to show me God than a Man claiming to be God? I wanted a personal experience. I wanted to see this God that everybody was talking about for ages. Meher Baba said that, ‘He has come to liberate us’ and I wanted to be liberated.”

   “Going to India was another ball game. I had no money. I assumed that I could just work my way across on a boat. In the meantime, I wrote to Baba and I said that I earnestly wanted to see Him and I would like to know where He would be around at a particular time of the year. Right away, a letter came back. I mean, I was amazed how fast it came back from India. The letter mentioned that Baba would meet me but only for one hour. Then, there were instructions.”

   “Where were you living at that time? Did you go back home?”

   “I was still in New York. I was all geared up to leave for India but I couldn’t get a ship for the journey. Anyhow, I went back to Miami and I lived there for a while. Then, a letter came from Baba’s sister, Mani, who was sending the family letters out at that time to the West and the East. She sent it to everybody about what Baba was planning to do. In this letter it was stated that He was planning to enter seclusion for six months. He would be soon going into seclusion. So, I thought, ‘Oh, if He goes into seclusion, then I won’t be able to meet Him for another six months. Also, who knows when He will come out of seclusion? This is no good. This is no good for me. I really need to get over there’. I didn’t know what to do. I had no money to travel anywhere. I got desperate. In desperation, an idea came to me. Why didn’t I write to Baba? So, I sat down and I wrote Baba another letter, basically saying, ‘dear Baba, I want very much to have the benefit of Your love, Your direction and Your guidance but I’m unable to come because I don’t have enough money. I can’t see why money should stand in the way of such an idea but I know if it is Your Will, I’ll be able to come provided, it’s Your wish’. That was it. So, off goes this letter. Right away, another letter comes back at lightning speed. There is only one sentence in that letter. ‘Don’t worry. Circumstances will adjust themselves. Love Meher Baba.’

   “That’s all He told me in that letter. I thought, ‘Oh great. I wonder what’s going to happen. Something’s got to happen now’. I am going to skip over what happened because that’s a long story. Two weeks later, I arrived in India. Meherjee drove me from the airport to where Baba was in Poona at Guruprasad. While on the way, he told me that, ‘why don’t you get a garland of flowers for Baba?’ I refused. He asked as to why not? I said, ‘because I’m his Garland. He doesn’t need another garland’. He told me that it would be nice if I were to get a garland. I got a beautiful, big garland, it was huge. The moment our car drove through the gates of Guruprasad, I saw Baba standing on the veranda and Baba motioned me to come over. I got out of the car and scooted over to meet Baba. In the meantime, Baba went inside a room and sat on His chair. There were about fifteen people in the room at the time with Him. I put this Garland over Baba and Baba just took it off and grabbed me and gave me a big hug. Then, He kissed me on both my cheeks. He then told me to sit right near Him. He inquired as to how I came. So I said, ‘Baba, I was able to come because it is Your Will. It’s all Your Will’. Baba motioned me to stand up and repeat what I had told Him to the group of people. I stood up and I said, ‘I’m here because it is Baba’s Will that made it possible for me to come’.

   “A man in the group raised his hand and Baba pointed towards him. He asked me, ‘but how did you make enough money to come and see Baba?’ Obviously, he was privy to my communications with Baba. Baba always had letters read aloud, where everybody could hear whatever was being communicated. In the mornings, the letters were read aloud and then Baba would answer or sometimes He would say, ‘do not post the letter as yet’. I guess, because He wanted to do His own inner work first, to prepare that person to receive the letter. Whenever you received a letter from Baba, it was always timed so well, it was so meticulously timed, so perfectly timed that it was nothing short of a miracle.”

   “Your dad didn’t create an issue for your travel to India?”

   “Oh yeah! he tried his best to create issues. I was going to go with Edward to India. Baba had already told us that we should come together. Baba didn’t want my father to come at that time. My father was very opposed to everything. Thus, what happened was that, when we got to the airport to leave for India from New York, two detectives approached my brother and me. They asked us, ‘are you Irwin and Edward Luck?’  We said that we were and they told us to follow them. I told them that we were about to catch a flight but they insisted that we follow them. Now, we were going to the police station instead of India. How about that?” Irwin chuckled. “At the Airport Police Station the Sergeant came and said, ‘I want you to put everything from your pockets on the table, take everything out and put it on the table’. We did so. Then, he said, ‘you thought you’d get away but we got you. We have you, you can’t go anywhere but I’ll tell you where you will go. You’re going to go to jail’. He then started to curse the hell out of us for fifteen minutes. Then, he told us to confess everything. He said, ‘it will go easier for you if you all confess. Maybe the judge will have some mercy on you; otherwise you’re going to have to end up in jail’. I asked him what wrong have we done? He told us that, ‘you’re being arrested for embezzlement and for aiding and contributing to the delinquency of a minor’, which was supposedly my brother. I asked as to what we had embezzled. ‘I have a company. I took money from my company because I earned money with the company and I’m making a trip. What’s a real problem with that? Everybody can do what they want. It is all totally legitimate. There’s no problem here. This is my brother. He wants to go with me. We’re brothers. We want to go together. We don’t want to go separately’. He then walked out of the room. Then, in a few minutes, he came back in and said, ‘you know, you better confess, it’ll be better for you to confess everything’. So I said, ‘I don’t know who placed such charges against me. Was it my father?’ The sergeant looked surprised. He then left the room and returned with a lawyer representing my father. The lawyer told me, ‘I want you to give everything back to your father, whatever money you have taken. You’re not going anywhere. Sign the traveler checks on the table. Return all this money. Give it to me’. So, I told him, ‘give me all your money’. He said, ‘what? Why are you asking for me to do that?’ I said, ‘you are asking me for all my money. So, now I am asking for yours’. He said, ‘oh! a wise guy’. Then, the lawyer and the sergeant walked out of the room.

Then, my dad came into the room with his lawyer and the sergeant. He didn’t look at us. He talked to the sergeant and said, ‘look at them. I taught them to walk. I taught them to talk. I taught them everything and look, how they have turned out’. After a while the sergeant called me over and said, ‘this is a family affair. It has nothing to do with the police. Your dad was trying to use us to stop you from going’. All the time, it was my dad who tried to create problems for us. Eventually, my dad agreed that I could go but not Edward. I refused to go without Edward but my brother told me, ‘I want you to go because our father isn’t going to let anything else work out. I’ll follow you up later. You prepare a place for me’.”

   “What did you feel when you saw Meher Baba for the first time?”

   “My first impression was like a long lost son who had come home. There was nothing supernatural about this. It was just a very, very warm hearted, family type of feeling. Baba did that. I was really like a family member. I wasn’t just a seeker but a family member. That is how He made me feel. He introduced me to everybody and I felt as though I was home for the first time. He just treated me so wonderfully and lovingly. It is so strange that He had given me permission to meet Him for one hour but our first meeting lasted all day.

Then, Baba told me, ‘I want you to be here every morning at seven thirty. Meherjee will take you to your hotel and then he’ll bring you back in the morning. You’ll be with Me until lunch. Then, he will take you to your hotel and after lunch he will bring you back to stay with Me until I dismiss everyone.’ Thus, I was there for an indefinite stay, which suited me just fine. I wasn’t planning to go home or go anywhere else. This is what I wanted. On the first day, Baba wanted me to go to visit the Tomb of Hazrat Babajaan. Oh boy. He really loved Babajaan. I was taken to Babajaan’s Tomb and I saw Her picture on the Tree, such a beautiful Woman, She was really quite a presence and a very beautiful powerhouse. I felt humbled to be in Her presence as Baba had gained His enlightenment from Her. She was Perfect.

   “Every day, Meherjee would take me to a different place, as per the instructions of Baba. One night, I went to Meherjee’s home for dinner. While we were at dinner, I showed the family memorisation feat. I did it perfectly. The next day, Meherjee whispered in Baba’s ears about this memorisation feat and Baba looked at me and gestured, ‘you showed him this feat yesterday. I want to see it too’. I was in front of Baba. I wasn’t even in the frame of mind to perform the memorisation feat. I was nervous. There were many people present but out of respect for Baba, I performed the memorisation feat. Out of ten memorisations, I could only get five right but at the end of the game, all of a sudden, Baba began to clap. He not only clapped with His hands but His feet as well. Baba was completely into the whole show. Everybody was cheering because Baba was happy. I kept thinking that this was the worst score which I had ever made but Baba was happy. I was really not in the state of mind to perform memorisation. Even though I felt unprepared, I still did so in obedience to Baba’s wish. The fact that I did what He asked of me, in spite of my poor score, is possibly why Baba cheered.”

   “How long was your first stay in India?”

   “Two weeks. I was in Pune in Baba’s presence for two weeks and so much happened during those two weeks. Really, a lot took place. I want to tell everybody something and you can write this in your book. It has to do with Baba’s love. He really loved His lovers and He loved everyone so immensely. Very often He would ask, ‘do you love Me?’ Everyone would reply, ‘Baba, we love you very much’. One day, someone asked Baba, ‘why do You ask us if we love You? You know that we love You’. He said, ‘I do know but I want to hear it from you. I like it when you tell Me that you love Me’. Baba was fairly simple with many things, He wasn’t complicated. One thing which I noticed is that though He loved everyone, you couldn’t get too familiar with Baba. You had to have respect for His status, His God-hood. Once, He was clear that when the respect was present then, you could be free to be yourself in front of Him.

   “He told me once, ‘Don’t worry. I am with you’. Baba has said this to the whole world but how is it possible not to worry. I think when you reach out to Baba and ask Him honestly, ‘Baba, I need Your help, not to worry. My mind is out of control. Baba, please help me not to worry’, then things begin to happen. I would stop worrying about the same difficulties. Often, new solutions would appear. I can feel concerned but I’m not worried. When I call out to Him with my voice or in my mind, He always helps me. When in crisis, a person should call out Baba’s Name. Baba told everybody to do that, ‘if there is a crisis or something bad happens or there is danger, you call out My Name and then I can protect you’. He said, ‘I do not protect you consciously. I have given the power to My Name. Anybody who takes My Name receives help. It happens naturally’.

   “I’ve also seen the power in His Name. Once, I thought that I would surly die in an auto crash and I called out His Name and you know what, nothing happened to me, it’s really incredible. Thus, I always call out His Name.”

    “So, you had wanted to see God….?

    “Yes, I’ll tell you about that too. I wanted to see God. That is all that I wanted from Meher Baba. I wanted Him to show me God. He has said this very often that, ‘He has come to liberate us’. Meeting Him, I felt that I came to be liberated. We were meant for each other. In one of our meetings, Baba had told me, ‘one day, I will give you the highest experience’. He told this to me and my brother. My brother and I had again gone to India in the following year to be with Meher Baba. As we were returning from the airport, Baba told us, ‘one day, I will give you the highest experience’. He gestured this four times. He gestured once and then repeated it three more times. He is an Avatar and it is His mission to enlighten others but it has to be at the appropriate time. He makes us ready for enlightenment too.

   “I remember a story about a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa. The disciple was very keen on God-realisation. He was always after the Master to be granted God-realisation. Every time he saw the Master he would hound the Master for the ultimate state of realisation. One day, all of a sudden, he was given a big experience. The intensity of the experience was so great that he began to scream out, ‘take it back, take it back’. Cause the reality of the experience was too great. Then, the disciple understood that you have to be prepared for whatever is going to be given to you, so that you can receive it gracefully. You can’t accept something if you’re not ready to receive it. We are like a fuse. You can’t pass hundred watt electricity in a ten watt bulb. The Master has got to make you capable to receive a hundred watts. He has to prepare you to receive what He has to give.”

   “You have faith that Baba is going to make you realise God?

   “I don’t have any doubt about it. You know, it’ll come about when the time is right. I remember a story about Sai Baba of Shirdi. There was this man who approached Him  and wanted God realisation. Sai Baba said, ‘oh that’s wonderful. I’ve been waiting all these years and lifetimes for you to come to Me and ask Me for the real thing. I’m so happy with you. Up to now, you have come to ask for things that you wanted. Now, you’ve come to ask for the real thing. I have been giving people things which they crave for when they come to me. I wait for the time that they want what I want to give them.”   

“How many times did you meet Baba?”

   “Four visits while He was in the physical body. The first time, I met Him for two weeks. The second time was a year later. This time, I went with my brother Edward. The third time was for the East-West Gathering and the fourth time was when He left the physical body, in the year 1969.” 

   “The second time you went with your brother, didn’t your father create trouble again for you both?”

   “We had to escape because our father was still against everything and it was not possible to really tell him that we were going. I just decided to go to the bank, take out whatever money I had earned and just take off. You see, I did want to tell him, I actually did. This is how I tested my dad. I said, ‘dad, I’d like to know if I would ever decide that I want to go see Meher Baba again, would you object?

   “He said, ‘son, I’m so glad that you have asked me this question. The answer is of course I would object. I would probably want to have you and your brother committed to a mental institution because you wouldn’t be in your right mind. You want to go and see this Man in India who says He is God. You couldn’t be in your right mind. So, definitely, I would try to stop you both’.

   “I said to my brother, ‘there is no way that we can tell him anything. He’s going to do everything he can to obstruct us. We will just have to disappear’. That is what we did. Baba had said in the family letters that His lovers could come to see Him for one hour only of any one day of the two weeks that He would be allowing people to see Him. This was in 1961. Baba had also said that, ‘if it interferes with your job, you shouldn’t come; if it interferes because it’s too far away, you need not come; if it interferes with your finances, you shouldn’t come; if it interferes with family harmony, you shouldn’t come’. He gave all these reasons why people shouldn’t come to see Him. I told Edward, ‘look, what’s our job on Earth? It’s to better oneself, to know God. This is our job on Earth. Our life is very short, got to make the most of it’. We rationalized all the dos and don’ts of the letter and came to the conclusion that Baba was our family. Baba was our harmony. Baba was within us, so, He wasn’t far away. Baba was our wealth. Baba was everything for us.

   “We left for India and there were only about five people out of the entire West who had come that year to meet Baba. There were thousands of Easterners who had arrived. Edward was overwhelmed seeing Baba. Just seeing Baba was an experience. Baba embraced and hugged Edward. Then, He embraced me and I kissed Him on His cheek. It was wonderful just to be back in His divine presence. Then, Baba turned to me and gestured, ‘how did you come? I said, ‘Baba, we were able to come because we had earned the money’ and I sort of gave my reasons and He heard me out. Then, he looked away. Suddenly, I realised my mistake. The year before I said it was Your Will. This time, I said that I did it. Now, it was too late to correct myself because the proceedings continued.

Then, Baba called me to stand on one side of Him and Edward to stand on the other side of Him and He began to tell everybody how difficult it was for us to get to Him, how much we had to go through mentally and physically to make the trip and how difficult it was traveling over continents to be with Him and how happy He was that we had made the journey. Then, He said, ‘such love must be rewarded’. He kept saying, ‘such love must be rewarded’. Now, we knew that we had made the right decision to come. Baba was very pleased. All I could think of is that, I wanted to know Baba as He really is. Not just His physical self. Then, Baba turned to me and gestured, ‘does your father know that you’re here?’ I said, ‘no Baba, he doesn’t, he doesn’t know that’. Baba looked at me and I could tell that Baba had to work on my father internally.

   “I was right, as in a short while, a message came from my father to Baba about how we had left without his permission etc etc etc. Baba sent him a message back saying that, he shouldn’t worry as we were going to be returning shortly. For this second visit, we were there with Baba for a couple of hours. The third time I met Baba was a year later at the East-West Gathering. We were there for about five or six days. Baba would see the Westerners in the morning. In the afternoon, He would see both, the Westerners and Easterners. There were about hundred and thirty Westerners (as per records it is more than three hundred) that had come for the East-West Gathering.”

   “The third time when you came, what about your dad? Did he create a problem again?”

   “Well, he always created a problem. He would say the same thing over and over again, ‘why do you want to go?’ I would tell him, ‘dad, I’ve told you this before if Meher Baba is the Avatar and if God appears in the world or comes into the world to enlighten others, who wouldn’t want to see Him? If you don’t want to see Him, you don’t have to; but for those who do and I’m one of them, I really want to see Him’. Then, he would say, ‘there are many who claim to be God and most of them are in the mental hospitals’.”

   “Did he always remain anti Baba?”

    “No. At first, he sent these terrible letters to Baba. I told him, ‘you keep saying the worst things about Baba. That He is a fraud. He is a con-Man using religion for His own personal gains but you have never even read anything about His life. You don’t know anything about Him. All you’re doing is just saying stuff but you don’t know anything about Him. If you want to say anything, be knowledgeable, you read about what His life is like and then, you can make a better decision as to whether He is a con-Man or there is truth in what He says. You can write to Baba and He will respond back to you’.

   “So, he wrote a really tough letter as he was so much against Baba. You know what Baba replied? Baba wrote back, ‘Dear Mr. Luck, I know how much you love your family and how much you care for them and how much you want them to care for you as well. I want them to care for you. I want them to be able to help you and to see to your needs. These will be My instructions to your sons as well. I want you to know that I know that you are a good man because you love your family so much. My love and blessings to you, Meher Baba’.

   “Well, to make a long story short, after some time, dad began to communicate with Baba. Whenever he had problems, he would mention it to Baba. Baba would reply and solve his problems. Thus, dad began to appreciate Baba. One day, I asked him, ‘dad, what do you think of Meher Baba? Is He at least your friend?’ My dad said, ‘yes, He is a friend’ so I asked him, ‘is Meher Baba your best friend?’ Dad looked at me and said that he would reply to me after he had thought about this question and weighed pros and cons of all his friends. Eventually, days later, he told me, ‘yes, He understands me, He is my best friend’. He graduated to that point. Before he died, I asked him, ‘do you think that Meher Baba is God? Really, the real God’. He kept silent for a while and then said, ‘now, I am one of you’. This is what he said. So, I said, ‘does that mean that you think He is God?’ He said, ‘I have answered you. That’s all I’m going to tell you. I am one of you. That’s enough. Don’t ask me again’. He was a feisty guy.” We both began to laugh.

   “There’s this beautiful story of how you used to put notes in Baba’s chocolates?”

   “Yeah. We used to do that. Adele Wolken would often be sending items to Baba and the disciples if they needed something. So, I told Adele if Baba wanted anything which she could not find, to inform me and I would send it. So, one day she told me that Baba liked a certain chocolate, a special dietetic type. It was a certain brand. It was really hard to find. My brother and I somehow managed to get this chocolate brand and we would send it to Baba. You see, these chocolates have a wrapper like a Hershey bar wrapper. We would slip a note into each wrapper because we knew that when Baba opened the wrapper He would find our note. So, we would slip these notes, ‘You are the highest of the high’, ‘we love You’, sayings like that. One day, a telegram came with Baba’s message. ‘You are sweetening My mouth now with chocolates, one day, I will sweeten your mouth with divine wine’. This took place in 1965. I don’t remember the exact year.

   “The fourth time we saw Him was when He dropped His body in 1969. You see, we, Westerners were told that there was no sense going to India as by the time we would reach India, Baba’s body would be interned. I was told not to go as it would be too late. I just told one and all, ‘I am going, I am His son, He is my father, that’s that’. I told all of them that they would regret not going but nobody seemed to listen to me. Anyway, Edward and I went and we arrived at the bottom of the Hill and Eruch was there and he greeted us very warmly and told us that Baba’s body was still visible for darshan and to cut a long story short, we had the privilege of paying our respects to Baba and also helping to cover Baba’s body. I had the great privilege of being able to help cover Baba but most importantly, be with Him in the Samadhi and be able to see Baba’s face. In reality, I was certain that Baba would have been interned in the Tomb but I wanted to be with Him. Being able to see Him, see His face, spend time with Him in the open Tomb was a blessing that I shall cherish to the end of my days.

   “Mehera was truly heartbroken; but the whole atmosphere was so bright and happy, not like a funeral. It was so intoxicatingly happy and went on like that for days. Truly intoxicatingly happy, unlike other funerals; but Mehera, because of Her very strong connection to Baba, the way She had attended to Him and the way He loved Her, She was truly heartbroken. When Baba was still in the body and Mehera had asked Him how many more days of suffering and Baba had said another seven days So, on the seventh day, Mehera said, ‘it is the time to cover Baba’. She decided that and that’s when it happened. Edward and I were a part of the process of covering Baba. I had one end, one corner of the box with the rope and Edward too held one end. There were others too involved. Then, the Earth was put over that and people recited prayers, sang songs and it was a beautiful time actually. Fragrant flowers were placed. There was no stone at that time. You know, the stone that’s there now, on the top, was not yet put there. Before the stone came, there was a beautiful cloth that was placed on the top and Earth was under it. My brother and I gathered up some of that Earth and we put it in a tin and took it back with us. Thus, we have the Earth from underneath the cloth and now, the marble stone.

   “We were there for about four months because Baba had instructed that there should be a darshan, which would start in April and go on through May. Eventually, Edward and I decided that we would go and take a final darshan of Baba’s Samadhi. So, we took our darshan and then we returned back to the States. Well, we were there through the hottest season. Boy, it got hot, 114 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade but we would lie down in the Samadhi. You can’t do this today. We would just lie on the ledges. I remember, when I would doze off, Baba was in the middle, Edward was on the other ledge. When I would awake, I had to reorient myself. Where was I? What was my name? I mean, I had to start from scratch. It was really quite amazing because I never had that happen when I just normally went to sleep and woke up but in the Samadhi, every time I slept, I had to reorient myself. It was a great time. It was a very beautiful time. Busloads of people would come and they would come up to the Samadhi and there would be lines. They would take their darshans and leave and then there would be nobody.”

   “Has Baba come in your dreams?”

   “I’ve had dreams but it was more so just after Baba dropped His body. I had dreams then but I don’t have any dreams now. Now, I just sort of feel His intimate presence; nothing supernatural. I just feel like His soft presence. Baba had told me once, ‘it is time you started to feel My presence’. A couple of years later, I began to feel that He’s always there, that presence is always there with me. I have His presence. It feels so natural.”


Be blessed always.


Jai Baba

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

I would like to believe that every word that has poured forth, has come through the unbound grace, love, mercy and compassion of Avatar Meher Baba. I would also like to thank my sister Jennifer Bharucha, Jimmy Khan, Mehernath B. Kalchuri, Roshani Shenazz and Jennifer Keating, who have been instruments chosen by Baba, with whose help these interviews have been made possible. I would also like to thank Jimmy Khan and Cyrus Khambata for their invaluable editorial inputs. Be blessed always. Jai Baba.

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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