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This is what Baba Sai has told me often regarding meditation and karmic cleansing. There are various kinds of meditations and the meditation without focusing on any external form is the best way to bathe the mind, heart, body and aura in the cool river of Oneness. Meditation or going within is the most subtle and sublime form of karmic cleansing. It is one of the fastest ways through which the Master helps in clearing the karmic backlog. We have karmic cleansing done via prayers and the dream state, but through meditation, we can actually have the power of cleaning our own slate and realizing our true self.

Every Master and virtually all religious texts reaffirm the power of meditation. The reason is simple. The benefits of meditation or going within are innumerable and also everlasting. Apart from healing the body, calming the heart thereby clearing the fog from the mind, through meditation one can attune oneself to the grid of Ancient Knowledge and realize our true identity and Oneness with The Great Spirit and while on this silent journey, most important of all, we clear all our karmic sludge.

Sages brought down the Ancient Wisdom only through meditation. All the divine and mystical powers attained were via this silent method of going within. The greatest of discoveries, the most inspirational art and all the beauty that has been created by mankind, has come about, through this silent communication with The Creator.

Before we get down to the easiest forms of meditation, let us understand how meditation helps to clear the karmic backlog.

We have three bodies; the gross or physical body; the astral or subtle body; and the Causal body or mental. The physical body is affected and controlled by the five elements in nature. The astral body is affected and controlled by emotion. The causal body is the vault of all our karmic accounts and thrives on cosmic energy but it is tremendously affected by our state of silence and chaos. Karmic accounts are all related with the mind. It’s a fallacy that emotion controls us. It is restlessness or not being centered in the mind that affects us and makes us behave like orangutans sniffing adulterated cocaine.

Baba says that every action, thought or word, of all our lifetimes is deposited, stored and worked out in the causal body. Through the Master’s grace, prayers, charity, spreading the Light and meditation, the causal body gets cleaned and can absorb more and more Cosmic Energy, which is then filtered to the astral body, which is cleansed and begins the cleansing and healing of the physical body.

All illness first lodges itself into the causal body as it is the most subtle and also the most exposed body of the three bodies.

Thus, disease first gets ingrained into our causal body and then moves into the astral and then resides in our physical body. That is why in early days Fakirs and Sages, would caress the body of the devotee with peacock feathers, as They could see the illness lodged either in the causal, or the astral body. Through Their power and affirmations, They would clear the illness, which was still in the causal or astral body, and not allow it to enter the physical body. Or cleanse the auras so that the body would automatically heal. Nowadays of course we are randomly thrashed about by the peacock feathers but as long as the feathers have caressed the Master’s holy Samadhi, sagalatheekahay.

As our karma is lodged in the causal body, the only way one can clear one’s karma is by making the causal body clean, strong, and receptive to the cosmic energy. The stronger one’s causal body gets, the faster our karmic illness attached to the causal body is burnt away. The fastest way of making the causal body strong and glow is via meditation. Thus, the fastest way to clear our karmic shit-pot is also through the shower of cosmic energy through meditation, cleansing the causal, astral and eventually physical.

The reason why Masters have a tremendous radiance is because Their causal body was the reservoir of cosmic energy. The reason They had all the answers is because Their causal body was attuned to the grid of Ancient Wisdom and The Great Flame. Masters, Yogis, Fakirs, Monks, Lamas and runaway models have been known to live without food and water for days to an end, if not months. I am not sure about the runaway models but the reason being that Spiritual Ones dipped into the never ending source of substance from the cosmos or the eternal life force called Prana and Their causal body got their energy and power from the cosmic energy and it is our causal body which runs our astral and physical body. If the causal body is ill, our other two bodies will follow the path of ill health and vice versa.

Meditation and prayers are the only way one can strengthen the causal body. Silence or the ‘element of ether or space’ is the fuel on which the causal body thrives. The greater the silence within us, the stronger our causal body, and more chaos within us, the causal body gets depleted, so says Baba Sai often in channeling.

Meditation makes the mind silent. The mind being silent makes the causal body stronger after cleansing, healing and then nourishing it. The causal body being stronger and cleansed can absorb more cosmic energy and power. The greater the absorption of cosmic energy means faster one’s karmic backlog and mire gets burnt away, first in the causal, then astral and then the sadakchaap physical body.

That is why meditation is so insisted on by all the Masters. This is the reason why Masters go into silence very often. The greater the silence within, the more strengthened one’s causal body and that allows faster cleaning of karmic debt without one having to go through the experience or commotion of karmic payment, because the karma is burnt away by the cosmic and Pranic energy which the causal body can now absorb and radiate with.

If there is one way through which we can prevent karma to kick us in the teeth, it is through meditation as through meditation we burn away the karma lodged in our causal, astral and thus our physical bodies.

The simplest form of meditation is to sit down in which ever posture you are comfortable, shut your eyes and think of your Master. Just think of Him or Her. Just imagine the Master’s face. Just be with your Master. If you do not yet know your Master then just focus on Nothingness. Will explain this process later.

So, the first simple way to meditate is on your Goddess, God, Guru. Start with five minutes. Either think of The One or visualize The One. The best part of it all is that we can do this kind of meditation anywhere; even while travelling. We all travel. We all get five minutes here and there, through the day. (Of course the day you can do this with your eyes open, the advantages apart from being spiritual are also practical. Look at your boss or your disgruntled partner, and while he or she is being eloquent about what a defrosted worm you are, go into meditation, nod once in a while in agreement, and viola, boss or partner happy, you happy, Master happy.)

Now let us say somebody doesn’t have a Master that s(h)e is aware of or s(h)e believes in God, but One who has no form or face. Then I would recommend the second form of meditation.

Just focus on the breath. Don’t bother how we breathe, just focus on the inhalation and exhalation. Try to breathe from the nose and exhale also through the nose. But let us say one suffers from some health issue that makes even this difficult, screw it, just shut your eyes and focus on the breath. If a thought comes, don’t fight it or encourage it, just get your mind back to your breathing. Relax. Inhale. Exhale. After a while apart from focusing on the inhalation and exhalation also focus on that split second where one is doing neither; where the breath stops; doesn’t enter or leave. Don’t hold the breath. Just breathe in and breathe out and we will realize there’s a pause, may be a second, or even a nanosecond pause between the inhalation and exhalation. Focus on that pause too. Focus on that void too. Focus on that state of nothingness. There are Sages who say that this pause, this break, this void, between inhalation and exhalation is where God resides. Of course these Sages very often speak in words which only other Sages understand, as They don’t have either cable tv or kindle, or mainly be the result of trying too many stunts with their breath, chakra and kundalini I suppose: but Lord love a deep fried mushroom, how does it matter to us, we nod our head, smile, act as though we understand all this mumbo jumbo and continue with our disgruntled breathing.

Now comes the third way of meditation. Shut the eyes, breathe, and when you inhale take the Name of the Goddess, God, Guru, and when you exhale, once again repeat The Name. Or better still chant half of the Name while breathing in and the other half of the Name while breathing out, all done in silence, in the mind, not verbally. This is an ancient form of meditation, which I was for some unfathomable reason taught by Baba Sai of Shirdi one day in prayer, and found it initially really amusing till I realized that all ancient forms of meditation, used this method religiously. So let us say one believes in Shri Rama. So, one would when inhaling mentally chant Ra…; and breathing out chant mentally just Maaaaa. Or Mary would go as Ma……Ry. Nanak would be Na……Nak. The very chant So-Hum, is based on this philosophy. So-Hum is the sound of inhalation and exhalation, that’s what Baba says, but my inhalation and exhalation sounds more like Keee-nnnt or Co…hibaaaaa… my cigarettes and cigarillos. But always remember, exhalation has to be much longer than the inhalation and never hold the breath while doing this kind of meditation. The ratio of inhalation is one is to two. Yogis can stretch it to one is to thirty four but then these chaps have nothing better to do than go on and on tinkering with their breath. A ratio of one is to seven or more is great. Just don’t exert yourself while taking the next breath.

Now imagine if you could combine all the three above mentioned forms of meditation; think of one’s Goddess, God, Guru; focus on one’s breath; and chant the Name mentally, that would truly be great and would do wonders for our physical, emotional, mental, astral and causal health as well as automatically preventing the need to be reactive as this meditation is known to make even an ostrich who is going through menopause and on steroids, shant.

But most important of all, one would through the silence, the breath, slowly in the beginning, but as one would increase the time of meditation or meditate more often, even if it is for five minutes each session, it would start to strengthen the causal body, allowing the cosmic energy to cleanse the causal body and then strengthen the causal body which then would cleanse, heal and strengthen one’s astral and physical body too and best of all begin to burn away the karmic sludge that surrounds and fills our three bodies.

Through these simple meditation techniques, one would truly begin to cleanse one’s karmic balance sheet and get closer to the Master. It automatically leads to calming oneself and most importantly aligning oneself and harmonize, not only with oneself but with the dysfunctional world outside too.

I would recommend if one could fall asleep with any of these meditation practices, as then the state of calmness and alignment would be carried forward into our sleep state too. Initially sit and meditate and then lie down and fall asleep while meditating. (Obviously don’t sit and try to meditate and go off to sleep. And if you must, I would recommend any good, ISI approved, helmet to be used.)

Remember, meditation is known to be more peaceful and restful than sleep, as while in slumber, the subconscious mind is still ticking away, still at work. But while in meditation the sub conscious mind eases off.

Also if you can spare time to do this when we wake up for five minutes, trust me it will help through the day, for us to be more silent and calm within.

The most important part of meditation is to take along with us, through the day, starting with moving out into the outside world, the state of calmness and silence, which will further strengthen our causal body and continue to allow work to take place of cleansing and healing our three bodies, apart from resisting the urge to strangulate the driver of the other car whose single minded purpose in his wanton of life is to realign the shape of our vehicle and our torso.

Be blessed always



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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