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I have realised one thing through my mistakes, blunders, impulsive temperament, weaknesses and limitations and that is I am instrumental in causing myself anguish and building the foundations of discord within myself. I believe this may be true for you too. Forget the laws of cause and effect and the ramifications of free will, most often our own imbecility creates our personal grief and makes us see glimpses of hell within our very being. We truly don’t need to die to experience hell as we have mastered the art of creating hell for ourselves and those around us.

We are so blind to the simple truths of life that we keep spending lifetimes in the petty and self-destructive by-lanes, leaving the highway of centeredness and true joy far behind. 

A very dear boy who came for channeling asked me when he would find a Guru, the same way ParamhansaYogananda met His Guru, Sri YukteswarGiri. The answer that came forth was simple. First and foremost, one needs to have lived a life of such profound use of freewill that one’s Karmic balance sheet permits the presence of such a Guru. Secondly, the desire to be with the Guru should be so profound that the intensity and yearning for a true Master forces the Old Chap to enter your life. And most importantly, the Guru knows when the disciple is ready to embrace His presence in the child’s life.  This has got nothing to do with the Love a Guru feels for His or Her disciple. Love remains constant for all. Only the disciple’s state of acceptance and being in the state of nothingness decides to what intensity the Master projects His or Her presence to the child.

The boy agreed and then he said he wanted a Guru so as to teach him how to live a spiritual life. The answer that came forth was simple too. The Guru will first make you unlearn all that you have ingrained into yourself. Not make you learn anything as all that you need to learn has already been programmed into your spiritual dna. What the Guru will do is make you unlearn lifetimes of conditioning, a poisonous amalgamation of desires and yearnings that take you away from the simple truths of life. The Master knows that till the child lets go creating his or her own personal hell, the glimpse of heaven is light years of life times away.

What we see is not necessarily true. We all know that the sun never rises or sets, but we see the sun rising and setting, or what appears to be the sun rising and setting but in reality it is the earth moving. As in The Fakir, Baba tells Rudra, that darkness comes about not because the sun has set but because that part of the earth has shown its back to the sun. Similarily the eternal truth is sadness, pain, anguish, ill health of body, mind and emotion come about not because our God, Goddess or Master have left us, but because we have moved away from the eternal Source of Light. 

We all know this truth but we are so comfortable with our heads in our arses that God and the very Heavens can very well wait.

I mean we all know we can carry only our Karma with us when we have life kicked out of us, but most of us give the least importance to the use of our free will and Karma and strive for everything else in the bargain. Imagine if a friend had to traverse through a desert on a very temperamental and hypersensitive camel, you would advise your friend to make sure that s(h)e carry maximum quantum of water apart from really effective sun screen and a stun gun for the camel apart from food and the right clothes. Now what if the friend just took may be a bottle of water and carried large quantum of everything else, what would you think of the I.Q. level of that friend? Guess what, we all are that friend. The only journey that matters and we screw up Big Time. 

I mean how truly cool are we?

Each one of us knows the eternal truth but each one of us geniuses, still goes about life, dashing around like a dog or bitch in heat, moving away from all that which is true and good and right for one’s true wellbeing and then bemoan one’s destiny and the lack of love and grace of The One. 

When a Guru enters one’s life, S(H)e strives to de-clutter your very being of all that which takes you away from the simple foundation of all that which is spiritual. There are three principles which Prophet Zarathustra, known as the first Prophet told His followers nearly three thousand years before the birth of Lord Christ. 

The three simple foundations for all spirituality is Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

I believe He wanted to tell all of creation that no matter what, if you operated from the troika of good thoughts, words and deeds, you were truly sorted, in this life, the next, be it in the physical plane or in any of the seven dimensions.

I believe all scriptures have been trying to say the same thing, that forget everything else, if we can try to adhere to this simple troika of living, it would put a smile on God’s face or make His Radiance glow a little bit brighter. 

Good thoughts, words and deeds basically means try to come from a place of wellbeing to one and all, in your mind, in your speech and in your action. But when can one come from a state of wellbeing for one and all? It is when one does not discriminate and judge and slander another and comes from a place of compassion, love and understanding. 

It is a simple philosophy that Lord Christ spoke more than two thousand years ago when He said, do unto others what you would want others to do to you and your loved ones. 

 It is a simple philosophy and if followed one’s life would be truly brimming with good thoughts, words and deeds, as we all would like to be thought well off by one’s loved ones and the world at large; we would all like to be spoken well off and spoken with love and politeness and tenderness; and we would all love to treated well and with compassion and with a large heart. I mean how clearly more simple can this get?

Simple stuff but we have gone and screwed it up nice and good.

We are so filled with pettiness that the devil stands dumbfounded and jobless. We are doing his job so proficiently that the poor bastard has begun to get an inferiority complex. Why would he not?

Imagine how the devil must feel that more people have been killed in the name of God than in his own name? Go through history and it is clear that millions have been massacred in God’s name. Monsieur Satan can go boil his head along with his horns as he can claim no such thing.

Imagine how pathetic a loser Satan must feel when a meagerly few want to kill in his name and most of them need to be on psychiatric medication but look at the armies of devotees who all go completely ballistic and blood thirsty the moment God’s name comes about and then the most ingenious ways are chosen to kill, maim, rape, bomb, murder….all in God’s name.

And his own empire, Hell Private Limited, is empty, as we have created our own personal hell, innumerable times more ghastly and gory than what he could have ever thought up off.

When I look at how complicated we have made our own lives with our personal egos, petty thoughts, slander, hate, envy, lust, greed, we truly have left the devil feeling incapacitated, dismembered and thus rather impotent.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you but it has been a long time since anything made sense to me for sure. I mean, why are we so incapable of the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ without judging and resorting to slander, and still we believe we are decent God loving folks?

Why are we incapable of spreading happiness and joy for the sake of spreading happiness and joy and not to meet one’s own personal agenda?

Why has life become so complicated that one needs to go to a very expensive resort to get one’s breath back? 

What is the matter with us that we have made the devil feel cuckold and cheated out of his own throne and empire and the best part of it all is that we do so in the name of love, honour, self respect, family and yes, in the name of God. 

The futility of existence has never been experienced by so many in the history of existence as it is felt now and thus it is little wonder that for many ‘life-love-fate’ are truly four letter words?

If God was aware that this age of darkness, called Kalyug, would dawn, and mankind would behave in the manner we are behaving, why did The Creator yet go about His or Her job of creation? 

The only logical answer I can accept and feel an iota of rationale is that God wanted to show Satan that there is nothing Satan can do which God can’t do better.

The Books say mankind is God’s greatest creation, I guess I have to agree as, if the devil was under the illusion that he was king of hell and creator of all suffering then the daft sod obviously needed to be shown reality and creating mankind has been the final nail in the coffin of the devil, as the two horned bastard has been made redundant by a very ingenious mankind.


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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