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We are a strange specie. We are aware that the Sun does not rise or set, but still go about believing it does. The fact that darkness envelopes our real estate where we live is because the earth has shown its back to the Sun. Simple truths that we can learn from but for eons most of us have refused to let go of our slumber party.

Every religious text, every scripture, every God, Goddess, Guru, has like a stuck gramophone kept repeating the need to go within. The importance of solitude and silence and silent reflection, contemplation and meditation. I wonder why. Did They run out of new ideas. The present spiritual environment and market has new ideas cropping up every few days. New and novel methods of tickling the Kundalini out of Her slumber abide. New methods of healing and DNA rejuvenation are introduced every now and then.

Either our Giants were suffering from an overdose of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, where They kept saying, go silent, meditate and ah yes, the usual rigmarole that “God, Goddess, Guru, the very secrets and wisdom of the Creator all lay within each individual, so go within”.

They did not talk about DNA, Kundalini, Chakras, teleporting, manifestations; all They kept harping about was to go within.

Either They truly did not know what our present lot is aware of or They were certain that the only way to salvation was to go within.

Go within and do what, I usually wonder. But no, go within, The Voice says, I truly reside within, and I try to go within and in a few seconds am snoring my guts out.

So either my within is an oasis of ‘sleep to be caught up with’ or I am going about this whole process of going within like a truly wise headless chicken.

Ok, so let us try and amuse The Giants by understanding this whole going within tamasha.

This is what I have understood. Keep in mind my school teachers would pray that I could copy through my exams so I would keep being promoted to the higher class. So my intelligence quotient has always been under suspect but if you are reading my stuff, then it doesn’t say much about your intelligence too, so let us just ramble and go for the ride within.

So this is what I have understood. Every religion insists on Chanting The Name. So a Shiv devotee is told to chant Aum Namaha Shivaya, may be one mala of 108 beads or told to chant the mala thrice or nine times or so. Or Maa Kali Namo Namo. Or Jai Baba. Or Satnam Wahe Guru. Or Bismillah-E-Rehman-E-Rahim. Or Hail Mary. Or Ashem Vohu. Take your pick and we are told to chant the Name so many hundreds of times.

Now the question to ask is, whatsup, is our respective God, Goddess, Guru, hard of hearing or on some major ego trip, loving the sound of His or Her Name?

I mean, why would I want my child to go on chanting ‘dad dad dad dad’, I mean, Lord love a constipated yak, why would I want my name to be repeated so many times. I heard my child the very first time and after that I usually tell Meher, ‘baby your dad is hard of hearing but is not as deaf as a lamp post’.

So why are we told to sit in quietly, adjust ones pose and piles and keep chanting The Name? Go within, focus on your breath? Ya right, and do what with the darn breath. Focus on your breath entering your body and then leaving your body…and in seconds I am with my mouth open snoring my smoke congested chest and body away. And even if I observe the breath moving into my body and coming out of the various openings, I mean, how does that light my bulb.

So go within, Chant, observe the breath. And I am told that the Kingdom of Heaven that lays within, will be realized.

That easy hun? How can it be. There are workshops that run for days teaching complicated stuff, charging a kidney and a liver, which gives you power point presentation and huge printouts, showing one how to raise the Kundalini, or heal, or soar….and here I am told, sit down like an unemployed thug and pass my day observing my breath going in and out and with that chant The Name, till God, Goddess, Guru, is so exasperated that S(H)e has no option to come down and say ‘what the….’

But in channeling Baba Sai keeps saying this to one and all. ‘Go within beta….no no not in the other room….within yourself…..focus on your breath…..beta why have you stopped breathing….chant The Name…..yes I know you can’t focus on the breath and chant The Name loudly….chant in the mind beta….’

And then yesterday I got it. I sort of got it. So this is it. My understanding.

I am sure some other loser has already thought of it but what the hell….I too got the gist on my own I would like to believe.

We are not the body. We are the energy that resides in the body. A spark from The Great Flame. A drop from The Wide Ocean. The tune from the Groovy Orchestra. A burp from the Great Word.

Within us resides all that which resides in The Param Atma, The Main Boss, The Prime Soul.

Now even if I go within, focus on my breath and begin to chant The Name, till I am not certain that I am not the body, my attention will always be external. So I may be so called within but my search is external. I have in my mind the picture of my God, Goddess, Guru. A snap that I am attached to or Baba Sai’s statute in Shirdi, you get the drift. So even though my eyes are shut, am breathing, chanting His Name, my true being is outside me, external, with Baba Sai’s statute in Shirdi, or the photograph in front of me.

So in reality I am not within because I believe that Baba Sai is in Shirdi. Or Meher Baba is in Meherabad.

Thus, though I would like to believe I am internalizing, in reality I am not. I believe that my Master, God, Goddess, the Blue or Multicoloured Flame, is outside me, so I am sitting like an unemployed manic ape, breathing and focusing on my breath and chanting The Name, I am still not internal, I am completely external.

I am waiting for The Energy to fill me up. I am hoping for some sign. I am imagining I am with my Master. I am surging with bliss as I have felt some light, some colour, enter my various openings of the body, but get it, dear shoe face, we are not internal, we are all external.

When do I begin getting internal. When I know S(H)e already exists within me and I begin my search within. When I chant Aum Namaha Shivaya, or Aum Sai Nath or Jai Maa Kali, I am not calling out to either of The One, from outside, that please come to me. No. I am doing the very opposite. I am trying to wake The One who slumbers within me or cleaning the gross shit that I have covered The One with. I am trying to reactivate The One who already resides within me, as if I am the spark from The Great Flame, The Fire is already within me or you, or Laloo Prasad Yadav, all we have to do is activate The Spark, reignite The Fire, fan The Flame and make It into a raging Fire within.

So every time I chant Aum Namaha Shivaya, I believe that He already resides within me and my job, my duty, my dharma, my sole and soul purpose in life is to bring forth His Presence which is now dormant within, to become active, so I or you or the orangutan representing us in some election, realises The One within and operates from The One within and may be in some lifetime becomes The One Within.

Thus chant The Name all the Time, we have been told and believe that you and The One are ONE.

By believing this and then chanting The Name and going within and breathing, The One who is dormant in our spiritual DNA, gets woken up, and then begins to operate from our very within. The more you wake The Boss Man, the more S(H)e operates from our very within. We need to believe S(H)e resides within and through the chant, slow, meditative, focused, internalized chant, the Connect will take place. We have to slowly wake Him or Her up. Like a child we need to go on slowly tenderly waking up Our God, Goddess, Guru. The more we pray this way, internal, sure S(H)e resides within, sleeping like a child, tenderly, motherly, we keep at it, one day, you and I will feel The One within and that will be the first step towards self-realisation and also all the mystical treasures one seeks on this path.

A point comes when you begin your meditation visualizing your God, Goddess, Guru and then after a few seconds or repetitions of The Name you go within and chant The Name as though you are praying to yourself, aware that your One is within you and all one needs to do is activate that Connect within you. Basically wake up The Boss Man.

Then you need no pilgrimages. No paraphernalia. No pujari. No flame. No fruits. No flowers. Nothing. You are the devotee. You are the one praying. To the One within you. So you are praying and being prayed to. You are the one chanting and being chanted to. You are The One.

That doesn’t mean you or I are any time soon going to get realised. I wish we do but may be it might take eons. But that is not the point. Realisation is over rated. It is operating from the realisation that first S(H)e is not out there anywhere but is within, this is the most important step.

I meet folks who communicate with various Gods, Goddesses, Gurus, and truly I am happy for them. Can I vouch my very soul that Baba Sai comes forth through me? No. I can’t. I hope He does, but can I vouch my very soul that He does; no. Till we are not realised we can never know what is going on. It is realisation that brings about certainty in the spiritual realm.

But I know one thing. Every time you chant The Name, search for The One, within you. Not outside you. The moment you do that you are then going within and operating from being The Energy and not the body. Activate that dormant memory of you and The One, as One. Wake The Boss Man up. S(H)e has been snoring for far too long.

Be blessed.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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