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There is only One real destination, but there are innumerable paths. Some of them more direct. Many taking you in circles till an experienced Traveller comes along and gently nudges you in the right direction.

There are so many names of and for God but eventually S(H)e has no real name. In our need to quantify and label everything, we have not even spared the Creator.

The essence of religion and all that which is spiritual can be summarized into one short paragraph, but we need volumes and countless trees cut to explain to us time and again, the obvious; good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Though each of us is aware that we are going to leave this physical shell and not be able to take even a rusted nail with us, all our lives we run after shimmering nails. There is something terribly demented with us. We have all the answers but in reality we don’t even know the right questions to ask.

Mankind in the supreme state dwells amongst the Gods. Mankind in the in-between stage dwells amongst the animals. Mankind in the lowest realms is the scum of all creation. 

According to me the true purpose of meditation eventually strives to shut the door of duality and open the door of Oneness. Eventually to realize the Source and to merge into that Source and finally to become the Source, is the only true purpose of life, knowledge and meditation.

Even when the spirit leaves the body and gets wings, if the focus is not to go beyond all illusions, then one has only traded a physical illusion for a phantom delusion. Till there are no attachments with one self, (this is not about detachment with the world but in reality attachment with one’s false ego), we keep trading our deceptions, all the while moving further away from the true reality.

A spirit is no closer to The Source, just because it has dropped the physical body, if that spirit still doesn’t make merging with the Creator or Master as its only priority. Thus, if the earth, and all the material scraps, which are dear to us, is an illusion, then in the spirit plane, all the dimensions and all the spheres, and all the spirit enticements are equally an illusion. We have traded one set of Snakes and Ladders with another set of Snakes and Ladders.

If this is unreal, so are all the dimensions in the spirit world, for the simple reason, there is only one Reality, and that Reality is that of Oneness. We all are One and have come from The One and to realize that Oneness or Godhood, is the only reality. All else is false or a shimmering pain in the arse.

So one could be in whatever dimension, that dimension too in reality is an illusion. That world up there too is a mirage. It is only when nothing and nothing but the Master and S(H)e is your priority, that you begin to live in the true reality.

Meditation is meant to take you up There, to take part in that final gig; the only truly performance worth buying yourself the ring side ticket. 

It is not about the Kundalini and it is not about the Chakras and it is not about the visualizations and the impressions and the knowledge and the music and the fragrance and all the stuff that comes while walking the path. In fact it is about nothingness and in that nothingness you will eventually realize you are Home.

Don’t get distracted by the parlour tricks of the greatest illusionists of all times, The Creator. S(H)e will want to see if anything tempts you or distracts you from that one true longing; whether anything but Oneness will suffice. And if self realization of Oneness can be compensated by physical, astral or causal distractions, then so be it. It is only when the cosmos realizes that you have the supreme hard-on for only Oneness, and nothing else will suffice, then and only then, will all illusions drop away.

The first step towards this Oneness is by believing you are the spirit that comes from the Great Flame. You are the spirit in the body and not that body. The second step is unconditional love and surrender to your Master and Creator. The third step is giving your best to each moment of your existence and leaving the rest to your Master. The fourth is recognizing the greatness of Silence.

Silence is also called as the element of ether or void or space (not to be confused by the silence of a married man though). It is important to understand the essence of silence which is being referred to. The silence that is being referred to is the silence within oneself. Silence is of utmost importance but it is the silence within that is of supreme significance. The silence that emanates from the very depth of one’s soul and like a soft breeze, carrying the fragrance of spring, spreads through one’s being, one’s consciousness and one’s very breath. It is the silence of being in the moment. It is the sound of peace. It is the rhythm of calm and positive acceptance. It is the beginning of the true state of nothingness. But that doesn’t mean you stop feeling, or speaking, or thinking or contemplating. It only means you decide when to speak, think, contemplate and even worry. There is a time you allocate for everything, and in between those slots there is just calm nothingness.

This is the first step one aspires to achieve through meditation. If one can achieve this in meditation, then one aspires to take it into everyday life, and live in the moment, giving one’s best to life, without expectation of results and to do so in calm silence.

Don’t let petty people distract you. Don’t let your own chaos in the head, dim the sound of silence. Keep walking. When you fall, get up, dust yourself of all the muck and sludge, and keep walking the path. None of us is perfect. We all have our personal demons and our Cross to bear. It’s fine. Only you and your Master know your reality. Life may not seem fair and God may seem not to hear your plea. Neither of this is true. Life is fair and God is within, listening to every word you speak with your heart and most importantly, hoping you begin to listen to what the Voice wants you to hear.

Life is about exhaling. Not about holding one’s breath.

Believe that soft voice within you, when you are calm. Hear the sigh of the soul, when you slowly connect with your breath. That’s the soul song. And the music is that of Oneness. Our only priority is to spread whatever happiness and joy we possibly can. Help others when we can. Make the Old Man grin once in a while. He must be tired. Seeing the mess we have created of our individual universe; which is oneself. Our true priority is to focus on serving S(H)e and to go back to our Source and become the Source.

Ok enough of my ramblings.

Now let me talk about the Oneness meditation. This is the way I have been taught through my prayers and vision.

It is similar to the way Dashrathbhai Patel, ( who is lovingly referred to as Bapuji has spoken about in my book The Aum Of All Things, but there is a little variation.

Sit down comfortably, preferably with a straight back. You can sit on a chair resting the back with a cushion or tie yourself in a knot in any yoga posture. For a while just observe your breath. Eyes shut, observe your breath during inhalation and exhalation. Simple breathing but try to make your exhalation longer than your inhalation. The ideal ratio is for every second of inhalation, have as many seconds of exhalation as possible but don’t force it. It should come naturally. Yogis for every second of inhalation can extend their exhalation to thirty two seconds and even longer, but then yogis don’t have any other work to do so they can go about life doing all these funny things. You just try to make sure that your exhalation is effortlessly longer than your inhalation. Don’t try to do anything unnatural.

Sit in front of the rising Sun if possible, if not, in front of a candle or flame or then even in front of a lit bulb. Imagine the light coming from the source, be it the Sun, candle, flame or bulb, filling your body up. Lighting your body within and imagine your body filled within with golden light. Start with imagining it and with little practice you will see your body filled with light. Give the affirmation that ‘I am the Golden Light as I come from the Great Golden Flame. I am not the body. I am the Spirit. I come from the Divine Source’.  For a few days, as and when you have time, just do this simple meditation. Once you are cool about this, after filling yourself up with the Golden Light, imagine this Light, moving upwards. The Golden Light within you, moves upwards from the top of your head and let it keep moving upwards to the Source of Light; the Great Flame; the Source of all Existence. Thus the Light is within your body, it is also travelling to the Great Flame, and now the Light connects you to the Great Flame. It is like a beam, and now the beam joins you and the Great Flame, making both of you one entity, and then you are enveloped with the Golden Light. You are in your body. You are also in the Great Flame. Give whatever affirmation you so desire. From the Great Flame, see your affirmation spread to all of creation. Ask for peace and wellbeing in all of creation. Ask for love and laughter for yourself, your loved ones and for all of creation. Ask for health and prosperity for yourself, loved ones, and all of creation. Imagine the Golden Light from the Great Flame enter you through the top of your head, fill you up, and through you spread to all of creation. Ask for peace for all those in the physical plane, those in the spirit plane and those in between. Pray for the Light to reach every corner of creation but also every corner of all spirit dimensions, thus helping all to move towards the Light. To move away from darkness into The Light, moving and merging with the Great Flame. Know that you are one with the Great Flame and the Great Flame is one with you.

Now imagine the Golden Light, slowly healing every part of you. The healing energy enters you from the top of your head and slowly travel within you, from the skull, into your eyes, nose, mouth, throat, neck, slowly moving downwards, cleansing, energizing and harmonizing, every part of your being. Let the Golden Light reach the soles of your feet, and move into the Earth. Now the Great Flame, You and Mother Earth are one. Now feel the pure love and selflessness of Mother Earth’s energy fill you up and envelope you. In return you become the medium to pass on to Mother Earth the Golden Light from the Golden Flame through you.  She needs all the love and energy. She has only given. It is right that you give Her through you the Golden Light too. See the Oneness through Her. She is all giving. Mother Earth only gives. She never asks in return. No matter how much we plunder Her, She only gives us. So become one with Her and through Her you will become one with all living beings on our planet. Give affirmations of love and that nobody should go hungry, or thirsty, or without shelter and medicine. That let peace prevail. Let there be only peace and harmony. Every time we eat or drink, let nobody go hungry or thirsty. Let there be peace, joy and laughter. Through the Golden Flame and through Mother Earth, you will become one with all of creation. And the Golden Flame, Mother Earth, and you become One. Once you feel you have done this, slowly return to yourself, first from Mother Earth and then from the Great Flame. Rub your palms and caress your eyes and face and then open your eyes.

Then if you want light up a cigarette, read the newspaper, curse the politicians and go about life. This meditation initially will start with visualization but as you move deeper, it will slowly become a sense of realization.

Remember there is only One Reality. That reality is to go back to the Source. Don’t get caught in the mire of the paranormal illusion. You will see a lot, hear a lot, feel a lot, know a lot, but you know what, embrace it and move on. Don’t stop till you are in the arms of your Lord and Master.

Baba Sai of Shirdi, often in channeling says, that the first true step of spirituality, is ‘realizing you and I are One’.

Ya sure. These Spiritual Masters have a sense of humour bordering on the ridiculous.

Have told Him a million times it’s easier said than done, but then all I hear is The Old Man chuckling.

Go figure and no matter what, always know you are blessed.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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