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Very often people want to know how they can make their lives more spiritual. They are tired of the constant badgering going on in their heart and mind. Fears of various kinds plaguing their very souls. They are aware that this is not the life they want to lead but more often than not, they have come to the conclusion that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, as to see light at the end of the lair they must come to the end of the passageway, and this burrow through which they traverse, this tunnel of the mind, has no ending. It is virtually infinite. Thus to expect to see any sort of hope or glimmer of light of any kind is out of the question.

We are a society living in the abyss of our fears. We have so many fears that to distract ourselves from the darkness, we do not mind even shadow dancing with any sort of glitter. The fact is life is as simple as we want it to be or as macabre as we want to make it to be.

We are a specie obsessed by uncertainties and paranoia. Most often, our very foundations of relationships, are based not on love but insecurities, ego, society pressures and a misguided sense of the much abused four letter

We have not even left God in our psychotic scheme of things.

Look around us and one will realize that if fear was not so rampant, may be God would have been remembered, the way we remember our ancestors, once a year, for may be an hour or so.

The greatest tragedy is that most of us pray or look towards God, because we are scared shitless of something going wrong or to seek something for ourselves or our loved ones. Do we pray because we love God or because we are scared or just plain self-centered? When was the last time we knelt in prayer because we truly and genuinely felt selfless love for God, Goddess, Guru? I mean when was the last time we prayed because we felt that throbbing of true love for The One? I can remember praying a countless times seeking things from Baba Sai or because I feared for something or needed something…but when was the last time I truly prayed to Him, out of love. Even thanking Him, could be to appease Him through self centered sense of gratitude, so that the bounty keeps coming forth, but when was is it that I prayed to Him because I truly love Him and I miss Him and I want to share my love for Him with Him? I can’t remember.

I know we pray because we are so tired of being dictated by Karmic retribution, which comes forth from our imbecility or greed from other life times or in my case, from this lifetime itself. Every time something is going wrong in my life, I seem to be praying harder and for longer lengths. Such prayer does not come forth from love, it comes forth from fear, a plea to be saved.

When was the last time I prayed to You, my Old Man, out of sheer love. Heart bursting because I missed You? I can’t remember Baba.

We chant Mantras or go through elaborate rituals of prayers, and after a while it becomes a rite, which has to be gone through, in the hope of appeasing one’s God, Goddess, Guru or one of the nine planets or some megalomaniac ancestor. Love or sheer gratitude, the gratitude of the selfless kind, is long buried under the debris of ritualism or sheer business.

Our faith thus is dictated by our fear. Sometimes I think, the greater our fears, the more intense our prayers. In fact, so often, even our very goodness, comes forth from the fear of retribution or in the hope of pleasing The One, so that the bounties of indulging in good thoughts, good words and good deeds are showered upon us.

Are we truly noble or is nobility a cloak we wear because we have sort of comprehended the workings of Karma and the ridiculous workings of, as you sow, you daft gnome, you shall reap? Am I noble because of the joy and need for nobility or am I walking the path, only because I am aware where the other paths lead to and I for sure don’t want to tread those paths?

I have known so many, who have told me clearly, that they are plodding along, on the by-lanes of Light and spirituality because they were trounced by either destiny or an individual, who was so demonic or ruthless, that there was nowhere else to go but towards God, Goddess, Guru, to seek refuge and thus their dwelling and traversing the path of Light, is because of a circumstance or an individual.

Most of us have partaken the beautiful fragrance of the earth, because we have gotten our noses rubbed into the ground. Otherwise we would have continued our journey, with our fat heads way into the clouds.

Thus, most often our spirituality is thanks to our fears. The shimmering aura around our head is the halo of fear. I would like to make a particular mention, that this does not apply to everybody. I am sure there are many who are spiritual because they love The One etc. etc. etc. Good for you.

Thus, though many ask how is one to make life more spiritual or simple, what they want to really know is how to go beyond the complexities of fear.

We all are in the same boat, only with different seating arrangements.

I think all spirituality, even if the reasons may be that of fear or escapism, should eventually lead to the path of genuine love and selfless gratitude to the Big Boy. I don’t want my child to keep repeating my name or how good I am or how generous I am or how merciful I am. I want my child to just love me. I guess this goes for The One too. That is the only way truly forward.

If I am good or noble or spiritual for any other reason but that of true love for God, Goddess, Guru, then I am entering into a commercial arrangement with The One and I have written often in my other ridiculous blogs, that…..God is a lousy business man. The chap doesn’t understand the first thing of profit and loss, debit and credit. S(H)e is positively bordering on dyslexia and is numerically challenged. Avoid business transactions at all cost. You are going to incur serious loss along with maleficent ulcers.

Spirituality has become a business now. The trump card is that of fear. Don’t play the game. The deck is for sure held against us. The only way we should be playing the game is because we love the game and love to play it with The Boss as that way at least we can spend time with The One.

I guess when we understand that true love has no place for fear, there is less likelihood of us being hoodwinked into a life that our true self does not identify with. We should be spiritual because we love The One and we should spend time in doing good stuff and prayers because all this spiritual naach gaana makes you and me feel more connected with the Old Geezer. Both the spiritual path and prayers should have its foundations only in true love and gratitude. With true love and selfless gratitude, the need to seek forgiveness will for sure follow, as when you love, you begin to realize the pain caused to the lover and seeking pardon for that pain, will gush forth from the deepest recess of the heart and soul.

When one prays or walks the path out of a compulsion, of either circumstances or fear, the divine fragrance and radiance, make their presence felt through their sheer absence.

Life is beautifully complicated and then when we throw in the baggage of one’s upbringing and add to it the weight of the karmic cross, things are only going to get more interesting, to say the least. At such times, compassion towards yourself, your circumstances, those around you, the dorks who are making life miserable, towards destiny, the planets, the drunk spirit chaps manning the spirit dimensions, is going to make the journey a little less stressful, complicated as well as less mind and spinal chord numbing.

True compassion comes forth from love. When you are in love with God, Goddess, Guru, and all you want to do is make Him and Her happy and proud of you, not for anything else, but because you love the Old Goat, then life begins to get simpler and spirituality less complicated and more selfless. Also you begin to get less judgmental and that itself makes a huge difference to your flight towards The One.

Remember both darkness and the rainbow, are a play of light. Just enjoy the psychotic show.

Be blessed always.


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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