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According to my limited knowledge, the soul mate concept is connected with one’s Origin, and that Origin is One’s Master. Each of us has come forth from the Divine Source. Call that Origin, God, Goddess, Master, whatever you may, each of us, is part of that Whole. Thus, for me, the soul mate concept, in reality is the Soul Oneness concept. We have originated from The Whole and till we do not merge back with that Oneness from which we have come forth from, the search for completeness and filling that void within will always be present, in every life time.

I know most people have a different concept of a soul mate but then nobody till now has ever accused me of being a romantic.

Now when we come forth out of The Oneness, we are not alone. Like sparks that fly from a raging fire, there are a cluster of sparks emitting at a particular time and those sparks which emit forth at one given time, form the Soul Group. 

We have an instant connect with members of the Soul Group and very often one can confuse a member of the Soul Group as a Soul Mate, as the connect with each other has originated from one’s inception as an individual soul and being.

Karma and karmic bonds are elaborate and entwined.

We have lived for many lifetimes and we have lived it consistently with those we have started our soul journey. Be it family, friends, so called strangers (as there are no strangers amongst the soul group) or even those who we don’t get along with or those who try to harm us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, we all are entwined in the karmic dance of give and take.

If I have come from my Master, then He is my Soul Oneness. And as Baba Sai of Shirdi is part of the Oneness of the Creator, we too become Oneness with the Creator, through our Wholeness with Baba or one’s Master.

Thus our first bond and priority is from whom we, you and I, originate; one’s Master.

All belong to various soul groups. We all have travelled together for lifetimes, but each soul groups origin of separation from The Wholeness Soul, varies. Those from a particular soul group, we all shared various relationships with each other; that of a father, mother, husband, wife, grandparent, uncle, aunt, son, brother, sister, cousins, in-law, friend, lover, Teacher, staff, employer, neighbour, and even many a times with so-called detractors and enemies.

Each person belonging to the soul group tries to help the other move spiritually and reduce the karmic baggage. Sometimes the soul who loves you the most, might willingly take birth as your adversary in a lifetime, to accelerate your karmic cleansing with least karmic ramification. Of course all this is done on a very subtle spirit level, with one’s Higher Self, willing to help one’s kin from the soul group. 

Thus imagine, a person who you think hates you or wants to torment you or in general is a pain in the rectal opening, and thus you hate the very sight of that person, in reality might be your greatest well-wisher spiritually.

Have you realized that it is when we confront our most intense fears and when one is going through the worst phase, that is the time many of us, turn spiritual or religious. In channeling, so often, I have been told that yes, ‘he or she has really made me go through hell (could be a spouse, in law, sibling, boss), but it is this same person who has made me turn inward and get closer to God and Master’.

So, often, our greatest tormentor could be really, on a higher dimension, our greatest well-wisher. This is the selfless love that those in the soul group have for one and another.

Sometimes a loved one from The Soul Group is reborn just to comfort you and be there like a rock of strength for you, because you will need that support and strength in that particular lifetime or during a very trying period. So this soul has virtually stopped its onward journey and is with you to enable you to go through the period of hardship in a calmer manner. Members of the soul group, even when having finished their physical karmic journeys, might come down, on their own free will, to help their loved ones to go through their karmic cleansing. If this isn’t pure love what is. Knowing very well that the soul could get once again caught up in the cycle of give and take, the soul still agrees to wear the physical robe to help his or her loved one.

Of course, some times, this gamble may go terribly wrong, and instead of getting closer to God and Master, adversity, makes many of us bitter, negative, petty and insufferable. But that is one’s Free Will used wrongly. There is nothing one can do about Free Will. Karmic circumstances have created an environment and left it to each of us, to choose the Oneness path or the path of self destruction. Every time we go astray, we could have negated supreme sacrifices made by our loved ones from the Soul Group.

So who is our friend and who is our enemy? According to me they are our soul group family wanting to help each other and be helped in return by the remaining members of The Group.

That is also one of the reasons, every religious Text, lays emphasis on not being judgmental and on the power of Forgiveness.

Don’t hurt or hate or abuse anybody as you don’t know, you may be hurting your dearest and most beloved, but you can’t recognize it, as the soul is wearing a different body in this particular lifetime.

Who knows, you may direct hate or create negative karmic bonds by harming the one who loves you the most spiritually. That is why each and every Master has said, do not slander, do not hate, and Forgive, Love and know, we all are One.

We all are entwined in the karmic dance. But we have been together for eons, helping each other and often losing the plot. There are no coincidences. Every relationship is planned out to the minutest detail. 

The law of karma and karmic debt leaves none. Lord Rama and Goddess Sita had to go through fourteen years of exile and then after a reunion, once again had to live separately for the rest of Their lives due to karmic ramifications, either Theirs or for karmic balancing of those who depended on Them, who belonged to the Soul Group.

But the Lord and the Goddess had to go through hardship, pain, sorrow, separation, allegations, and emotional turmoil, as that was part of the karmic plan.

Lord Jesus took on the karmic cleansing of His flock. He allowed Himself to be crucified and in all probability those who crucified Him must have been part of His very own Soul Group. If anybody is going to cuff one of my three children, I would rather be it me, than some stranger. Am sure even my kids would prefer it that their father is the one who berates them than an outsider. This is how the Soul Oneness works through the Soul Group.

We have a belief in my family, that ‘I can thrash my loved one if he or she has really messed up, but I will not let anybody else touch a single strand of hair belonging to my loved one’.

This is how the Soul Group works.

This world of fate, destiny and karma is so intricate that one can only sigh and get on with life, giving one’s best, without anger, hate and negativity. That is the only path I would recommend. Give your best and leave the rest to one’s Master.

The cross of anger, hate and jealousy is too heavy. It only breaks one’s own back. I would recommend passionately avoiding carrying this cross.  

Each one who is born has to settle his or her karmic debt and hopefully try to finish it off as fast as possible, as then the individual can really begin his or her spiritual journey. We are also involved with the spiritual growth of our Soul Group. We don’t leave anybody behind. Thus one juggles one spiritual balance sheet and karmic give and take, to help our Soul Group family. Won’t we be willing to take on the pain and sorrow of our children or loved ones, and thus prevent them to go through any misery? Most of us would in this very lifetime and all lifetimes. This is how the Soul Group works.

The faster the karmic cleansing, the more painful it is. When an individual with the Council of Masters, has come to the conclusion that in this particular lifetime, one needs to be cleansed of all karmic give and take, as from the next life time, one need not come back in the body, but can continue the journey in the spirit plane itself, then rest assured, this particular lifetime is going to be one roller coaster ride; where the individual is going to burn in the fire that shall smolder away all pending karma.

The individual has forgotten the need to complete with all pending karma. So the individual very often starts getting negative, harsh, angry, frustrated, depressed and often even becomes an atheist and instead of going through karmic cleansing calmly and with positive surrender, the individual begins to fight it and begins to build more karma. The karmic cleansing is going to take place but unfortunately the individual has again built up karma. To help the individual go through this lifetime or phase, members of the Soul Group, take on designated roles, of supporters, well-wishers, tormentors, to help the individual finish off all pending karma. It’s serious business, this karmic stuff.

And thus imagine the role of one’s Master, the Real Half of one’s soul. In case of a Master, He or She takes on the karmic cleansing of millions of those who have come through from the Master. In fact the greatest sacrifice made by the Master is that He or She continues to guide the followers and children, rather than merge with The Creator and be embraced with eternal bliss but disconnect from all the followers for eternity too. So the Master continues for centuries to either through Spirit or through Incarnations keeps working and loving and helping all those who have come forth from Him or Her. Till the Master has individuality, He or She can directly help the followers and lovers. The moment the Master completely merges with The Great Fire, the Master too becomes the Great Fire, and then there can be no personal intervention, guidance and help, from the Master as the Master too has become The Creator. The Creator can’t intervene with karmic laws. That is why it is said The Guru is Greater than God as only the Guru can stand between one’s destiny, or manipulate destiny in a manner that it won’t break the back of the child.

But the role of each Master is to make all the disciples to realize their Godhood. And if that means to go through the inferno of karmic cleansing, so be it, says the Master.

Baba Sai of Shirdi and other Masters have so often advised us to accept our lot gracefully. Yes strive to make things better and always give one’s best, and stand up for one’s self respect but after giving it your all, then leave the rest to the wisdom and grace of your Master.

Often sickness, poverty, strife, matrimonial disharmony, sibling rivalry, not getting one’s due at work or home or in life, very often, is part of the karmic cleansing process. Do your best and leave the rest to your Master and accept your lot with grace. This is best for us. Don’t get negative or bitter or depressed or defeatist. Keep chanting your Master’s name and keep calm and know that this lifetime is really like a blink of an eye and eternity and infinity of bliss awaits those who live with a state of graceful acceptance.

We all are One, have come from The Oneness Family and we will return back to The Source. We belong to the same Family. We are Family.

 Be blessed.


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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