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Though not apparent we are a byproduct of our Karma and DNA. Our Karma decides our fate or destiny and it eventually laces our DNA with the raw material required to unfold the karmic blueprint. Most folks in the field of astrology are clear that mankind is ruled by the planets and the influence they hold over each individual as well as on a larger level even over countries, continents and eventually the world as we know of it.

I would like to believe that it is our Karma which decides our planetary positions. We are not ruled by our planets. We are ruled by our Karma and our Karma decides which planet is placed where and how They shall move and through that movement and planetary positions how our lives shall be dictated very often to the minutest details.

Our planetary horoscope is decided by our past life Karmic blueprint and not the other way round. Thus, we create our own planetary blue print via our Karma. If one’s past life thoughts, words and deeds have been spiritually on the incline then in our lifetimes ahead, the planets will be placed in astrological houses and at certain degrees which would make life more hospitable and comforting and of course if one has walked in the self centered shadows and in the dark alleys in past lifetimes, then the planets shall be in war with each other and give the individual a mother of all migraines.

Thus, our karma has decided the very placements of planets in one’s personal astro-chart.

If our Karma can create our planetary blue print and we have created our Karma through the use of our Free Will, then in the same way we can change the effect which the planets have on us too through prayers, calmness, being less reactive and through good thoughts, good words and good deeds. I know easier said than done, especially when slander, gossip mongering, trying to put others down to make oneself look taller or placed on a pedestal is a norm, a rule rather than an exception. Thus, if once through the use of Free Will we have accumulated heavy Karma and getting a thrashing of one’s life, I also do believe that by the right use of Free Will we can work on lightening our own burden by trying ones level best to refrain from hurting oneself and others through thoughts, words and deeds.

As we keep coming back lifetime after lifetime, our Free Will quotient gets reduced and we get enslaved by the ramifications of our Free Will and our Karmic scale starts getting heavier and begins to dictate our lives till eventually in some life time one might have very scant Free Will and some might have virtually no Free Will and life then feels akin to when one is in debt, having borrowed from the market and the repercussions of falling behind on payment are violent and dangerous; all one earns goes to just take care of the interest on the loan, leave aside the principal amount and it becomes a vicious never ending cycle.

But through the responsible use of Free Will, the impact of Karmic mile stones which have to be mandatorily experienced can be controlled and the magnitude and intensity can be tapered down via prayers and calmness and compassion for all of Creation, including oneself. Of course, it goes without saying that for Karmic management to work in one’s favour the love and grace of Goddess, God, Guru is mandatory.

We have very strong Karmic bonds with our families and close friends and associates including those who are our detractors. Most of the times there is so much pending give and take that we are like an incestuous breed of worms trying to work out one’s past life Karmas and experiences and thus more often than not, we have the maximum Karma with our closest and in fact we become closest to work out our Karmas and experiences and balance each and every balance sheet.

In fact our very DNA and family linage is decided by how much of Karma is pending between each other and the need of an outlet for completion with each person known to us, intimately or remotely. Thus, not only our blood relatives but also after marriage the new family that comes with the spouse is exceedingly Karmic. It is a phenomenal maze of Karmic ramifications and fructifications that decide our birth and our relationships and that is why marriage is considered to be such a turning point in an individual’s life. Not only one’s own marriage but the marriage of our family members too, as whether we like it or not, when you marry an individual, in most countries, you marry an entire tribe of extended relatives; meaning there is some Karma pending with each one and depending on that Karma one’s relationship with each individual plays out.

The DNA decides our appearances, our peculiarities, our tendencies, our strengths, weaknesses, our wellbeing, our very conduct towards life, but our DNA is decided by our Karma and Karmic bonds, thus eventually, our Karma decides the minutest details throbbing within us and enveloping us and making us the individuals that we are.

Our DNA is a part of the Karmic give and take. Baba Sai in channeling has often said that let us assume, an individual and you had some Karma, where the chap had to repay you. Pay you back something which in some lifetime he had been given by you or borrowed or stolen or cheated out of you; for whatever reason he owed that money to you. Now lifetimes later he has evolved so much that for him to come down in the flesh to give the cash to you would mean he again, with great possibility and virtually inevitable probability, would get caught up with more give and take, as once we are born, we forget who we really are and then get entangled with the world and the external and thus again begins the cycle of give and take.

So, our old evolved chap does not want to come down but he has to pay you back. The Laws of Karma could give our chartered accounts and tax consultants a complex. So the money has to be accounted for. Debts to be cleared. This Karmic equation needs a closure.

Now he is too evolved and doesn’t need to come down to planet Earth but still he owes you money and it has compounded to a goodish amount. More often than not, you and the evolved chap are from the same soul group as only then can matters lead to such intense Karmic give and take and thus you both becoming a part of a family DNA linage is not very difficult and this chap activates you through the DNA family tree, with certain qualities which are through DNA passed on to you when you infest the world with your powerful vocal chords and this particular quality, this one particular quality, via the DNA pipeline is lodged into you and when you grow up this one particular quality is going to allow you and help you make lots of money and thus the money owed to you through that evolved gentleman has been paid off, not directly by him but via your DNA via his spiritual powers. I call this Karmic DNA Balancing.

Even if both of you are not from the same family tree the spiritually evolved chap who has now become too evolved for mother Earth through certain spiritual ways can activate certain inherent tendencies lodged in the DNA to help you to make far more money than would have been possible, left to your own devices.

Through this Karmic DNA Balancing one can pay off one’s karmic debt or square accounts without actually coming down and taking a physical form. It need not be just about money. He could give you an ability to be very strong. That ability for you to be strong allows you to face a lot of adversities. So let’s say he had to pay you in terms of support or to be your strength in times of despair. He has paid you via this balancing DNA stuff I have been rambling about like a man who is in earnest need of a good de-worming. So this chap does not come down again. He has activated something good in the DNA pipeline which shall trigger only in you as it is meant only for you, kept as a gift.

In the same way there may be somebody you may have created a lot of problems for in your past lifetime. Now that guy has spiritually got evolved, he’s moved on. But karmic dues have not been paid off. So, he or the keeper of accounts, leaves something for you, which you inherit in your DNA which creates problems for you and you go through a particular amount of suffering equivalent to the suffering you have made this gentleman go through while he was in the body but who now has moved on. It works both the ways.

That is why most religions have elaborate prayers for the wellbeing and growth for our ancestors. Pitru Dosh, ancestral baggage, is something ancient religions give serious attention to.

Why do we choose a family that we choose? They say one doesn’t choose one’s family as one can choose friends. That’s wishful thinking. We may not directly choose family but our bond of give and take with each necessitates one to become family to balance the Karmic sheet. It’s not at all random. The greater the Karmic give and take the more entwined your relationship with the other will be. Less give and take, more distant your relationship. Sometimes a stranger might help you out of the most intricate problems and then disappear as the give and take necessitated just this much of interaction.

You can’t say that I have karma only with my mother. It doesn’t work that way. What about the Karma with everyone else. Because you are going to get their DNA too. That means you have to be associated in some way with those people to get the DNA. Good and bad. So it’s a very integrated karmic GPS system which people would like to simplify saying, oh I have come down only because of so and so. For that to happen that individual has to come from a very disturbingly high spiritual plane.

Now as we decide to cleanse our self in the moment of spiritual stupidity when we are up there, we get very adventurous, and say now in this lifetime let’s finish off all pending Karma. You have reached a particular spiritual level which allows you with your Guides to take such adventurous fool hardy decisions. We do this because we are in spiritual ecstasy or just nuts. We are so centered and we are so happy at that time, that we say why wait for ten lifetimes and be separated from this feeling of utopia. Let us wrap it up in one lifetime.

Thus, in one lifetime the individual soul decides to work out all pending Karma. There is a very thin and fine line that separates spirituality and stupidity. The star cast are decided and then the relationships are chalked out and then you come as a daughter, staff member, an in-law, a friend, a detractor, a lawyer or you come as your greatest enemy and then are given a major characteristic which will allow the karma to be played out.

It’s an exceedingly intricate web of Karmic give and take. It is Karma that decides you to be born in a family but yet be close to really nobody or even born as an orphan or become an orphan early in life or just be a loner inherently or may be experience the void of having everybody but still being alone and feel the intensity of loneliness.

So there is phenomenal intricacy. There are no coincidences. The Cosmos doesn’t make any mistakes. There is maximum impact, good or bad, based on our Karmic blueprint. They want to square all accounts but we as human beings, have a self defeating worm eating into our very sanity and wellbeing. We create more issues, multiplied by X. We don’t know how to nullify things, but to just keep adding. That’s why they say that we have a soul group. Obviously, because of the amount of Karmic garbage we keep creating, there will be a soul group. There will be those who will travel with you as each one keeps adding and creating more and more Karma with each other. Yes, sometimes with the grace of Goddess, God, Guru you might not create further Karma, balance your pending Karma and then with true purity and compassion operate in the world; like the Perfect Masters, where you go beyond the laws of Karma.

People think soul group means loved one’s travelling together through time and space. I think soul group is Karmic luggage being lugged around for lifetimes. When you interact with any agenda, Karma is made. The more Karma made with the same band of folks, the same band of folks keep travelling in the same compartment, lifetimes after lifetimes, still refusing to learn and grow and thus lifetimes after lifetimes encaged in this compartment with the same travelers. Spiritually you are swimming in that same pond with the same crabs, each crab trying to grab you down.

That is why it is said that the Guru belongs to all of Creation, not to a mere band of people as the Guru, has no karma and thus there is no limit to the Guru’s Oneness.

Be blessed always.

Jai Baba.


Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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