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Thank you so much for all your love and responses. I am humbled as always with the amount of time and effort behind all the comments and discussions that go about on our page. I have always maintained that we all are seekers on the same path. In the realm of Light, either you are One with the Light or you are a seeker, and thus with the grace of our Masters, we all are seekers of our true self.

This meditation that I have written about is very useful for clearing and protecting the aura and also healing the physical body. Through years of channelling, whenever Baba Sai has given this flame meditation and protection practice, have come back talking about how effective, simple and addictive a simple flame can be for the wellbeing of one and all.

As mentioned earlier, illness comes first on the causal body, moves into the astral body and then settles into the physical body.

There are various medicines, diets, exercises to strengthen the physical body, but what does one do to cleanse, heal, energize, nourish and protect the astral and causal body?

The Chakras, the energy centres, contain all stored karma and slowly release the ramifications of all karma. Thus, if one’s karma necessitates, one to go through an experience of ill health, the illness up to now dormant awakens and gives one and all the mother of all problems. But the illness originates from the Chakras, which have their presence in the causal and astral body and then seeps into the physical body.

Black magic, negativity, jealousy, envy directed towards you, attach themselves first on the causal body, then the astral and thus begin to take a toll on one’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Meditation helps to clear logged karma and its consequences, and there is nothing more effective as Fire to burn off all karmic sludge and thus burn away all impending karmic complications and dormant illness lodged within the chakras.

Prayers, yogic breathing, meditation, calmness of the mind and heart, silence within, positive surrender, acceptance of one’s lot and the use of the five elements help to nourish, protect and keep our astral and causal body healthy, apart from burning away all karmic sludge and illness. If the causal and astral body are healthy, automatically the physical body is at its prime. (That doesn’t mean if you go about abusing your physical body all is going to be kosher. Often spirituality brings about a calm sense of stupidity. Use common sense. It is one of the foundations of spirituality).

 Fire is worshipped in virtually all ancient religions. The first form of worship was Fire worship. Sufis and sages sit in front of the fire, not only for the warmth and light the fire provides, but also to keep themselves and their auras cleansed and protected.

 Zoroastrians, Native Americans and those who follow the Hindu faith, have all their religious ceremonies and prayers performed tending the Holy Fire. The Mantras are as important as the Fire’s smoke and fragrance. The smoke cleanses the environment of all vibrational sludge and negativity, and the fragrance attracts the Positive Energy Workers to bless the place and those present for the prayers. The Holy Ash left behind is the physical embodiment of the prayers and the power of the prayers generated, which is then applied on the body and consumed, to protect the three bodies.

Keep the holy Ash and on a regular basis, mix it with water, and then sprinkle the water all over the house and also on the members of the family, to cleanse the aura and keep the house and the individuals protected. Now don’t go about this with a hose pipe. Just dunk a flower into the water and sprinkle the water all over, especially the four corners of your house, the entrance (but avoid the bathroom) and then sprinkle this water on your loved ones. (Normally we avoid sprinkling this water on women experiencing their menstrual cycle, and the reason behind this, we shall discuss in another article.)

 Sai Baba of Shirdi, always sat in front of a Fire, that was never allowed to get extinguished, and even now, virtually hundred years after Baba has left His physical body, the fire started by Sai Baba of Shirdi still burns and the Ash called Udhi or Vibhuti, is used by millions of His devotees and lovers, and scores of miracles have been recorded about the power of this Holy Ash.

For Zoroastrians, prayers to the Sun and the Angel that presides over the Sun, (Khorshed Yazata) are mandatory and the Fire started by Zoroastrians, who arrived in Gujarat nearly 1300 years ago, is still burning bright and worshipped by my dwindling tribe. Prayers to the Sun, is of utmost importance to those who follow the Hindu faith too.      

 So below is the flame meditation. One can call it the fire meditation too, but let’s face it, where does one light fire nowadays, unless when a prayer ceremony is going on. So yes, fire would be ideal, but a flame is equally effective, as it does need just a candle or diya flame to dispel darkness.

 Light a candle or a diya, preferably where you do your prayers at home. It could be a small temple or an altar or a book -shelf or whatever, make sure there is sanctity in and around the place. It need not be fancy but it should be clean and the environment around it should be appropriate.

 A lot of families live in one room. That room is their bedroom, drawing room, dining room and study room, all rolled into one. Yet, you can find some place or a wall that you can designate for your small temple or place of worship. In Mumbai, you will see scores of such one room homes, where there is a beautiful designated place kept aside for worship and prayers.

Of course, I know of innumerable families who live in four and five bedroom apartments and still do not manage to find the right place and space for their temple and their holy flame. To each his or her own, but it would be good to keep aside a special place for The One, who gives us not only a dwelling to reside in but also gives us all so much, so silently.

 Ok enough of my ramblings.

 Light the candle flame and sit in front of it. I recommend you do this when alone and especially when it is slightly dark as then the intensity of the flame is far more. Make sure you are at eye level with the flame. Also make certain that the flame does not flicker or dance about too much. A steady flame is what we need. Thus, you sit in partial darkness and that becomes your cave and you stare at the flame, which is your fire.

 So you sit in front of the flame and for a while just look at it. Just see it. Observe its colours. Witness its shape. Let the flame be nice and strong. Not just some small dot of light coming out of the wick. It should be burning bright.

 Fire in its varied forms is virtually what keeps us alive, and thus fire is the closest facsimile or form of the Creator.

 After a while, when you are completely relaxed and you have made your connect with the flame, imagine you are in the flame. Just imagine you are now inside the flame. Ancient Sages called fire, the Goddess, Devi, The Universal Mother. So imagine you are in the womb of the Universal Mother. For a while just be in Her womb. Visualize all your tiredness, anger, ill health, all that which bothers you being tenderly erased by the warm embrace of the flame.

 As you slowly truly begin to believe, you will begin to feel secure, nurtured and protected in the womb of Devi, the Universal Mother; the life Force of all creation. Then pray to Devi or the Universal Mother or the Life Force of all creation, to cleanse your bodies (causal, astral and physical), mind and soul; auras, vibrations and channels; every drop of blood, DNA and cell, your very breath and essence, from all negativity, ill health and gloom. Tell Her to remove all darkness from your life, in your life and around your life. Pray to Her to fill you up with Her warmth, Her radiance, Her glow, Her presence and Her protection. Tell Her to lighten up your path with Her glow so that you never go astray into darkness.

 If you are feeling depressed, then pray to Her to burn away all the gloom and depression and sadness and fill you up with positive energy and wellbeing. If you are feeling weak, ask Her to fill you up with strength. Whatever ails you, pray to the Fire to burn it away and brighten your life with what you feel you lack and need the most.

Continue to dwell into the Light; continue to bathe in its pure glory. You can keep your eyes open or shut, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you believe you are in Her womb. Remember your physical body will not be in Her womb but your astral and causal body will obey and return to the Source. That is the most important thing you need to remember. Don’t try to analyse. Believe and so it shall be. All of creation has come about with a Thought. The tragedy of our lives is that we have forgotten how important just a thought is. What you seek you shall be given, either now or later, this life or next, but you will get whatever you seek. That is the power of thought. So believe and you shall receive.

Feel her protective energy around you and your aura. Her protection and energy will surround you and your aura and thus protect you from vibrations and negative energy that dwells around you, within you and is projected towards you. Being in the womb of light is a beautiful, serene and rejuvenating experience. There will be times you will not want to come out of Her warm embrace.

When you feel it is time to come out of Her luminous sanctuary, then, imagine yourself returning to your body. Bow to the flame. Do a Namaste by folding your palms together and thank Her for allowing you to connect with Her and for blessing you with Her energy and protection. Then imagine the flame covering you up. Imagine you are now always in Her loving and protective embrace. You can imagine yourself in luminous fiery egg shaped cocoon of protection.

You can do this meditation not only for yourself but for your loved ones too. First connect with the flame. Be in Her womb. Chant your Master’s name or any prayer you are comfortable with. Or you can pray, “ Let the Divine Radiance cleanse, energise and protect my bodies, mind and soul; auras, vibrations and channels; every drop of blood, DNA and cell, my very breath and entire being, from all darkness, negativity, ill health, all that which Thou doesn’t approve and fill my bodies mind and soul, auras, vibrations, channels, every drop of blood, DNA and cell, my very breath and entire being, with Thy radiance, fragrance, divinity, presence, Oneness, protection and all that which Thou approves.”

After you have allowed the divine light to enter every cell in your being, then imagine your loved ones along with you in the flame too. For instance, you feel somebody is not well; you imagine that person with you in the flame and then repeat the entire prayer for that person. Ask Agni/Devi/Goddess/Fire/Divine Light to cleanse the person, fill the person with Her energy and light, and repeat the above mentioned prayer. That way you pray for yourself, your loved ones, and all of creation.

But remember, whenever you pray or ask for something, the most important thing to ask for is, strength and wisdom, love and compassion to accept whatever God/Goddess/Master/Destiny has in store for you with grace and happiness and positive surrender. This is a must. This is mandatory. Without praying this, the life force of the prayer is virtually non-existent. Whether you pray for yourself or for others, you must make sure that whatever is in store for the individual, is faced with grace, happiness and positive surrender and all these qualities can only come about if you are filled with wisdom, strength, love and compassion. (Also ask to be filled with a great sense of humour. One needs dollops of humour to go through life and our Government with grace.)

Thus, not only are you cleansing your auras, protecting your body, nourishing and nurturing your life spark, but also massive quantum of karmic sludge is being burnt away. The external fire you are praying and meditating to, strengthens the fire within you, and it is when the fire element within us is blazing, that we can think, speak and perform at our optimum.

I have seen this form of simple meditation very effective for those suffering from depression, lethargy, confusion, anxiety and fear. It is when the fire element within one is not burning bright and is merely a flicker of its original form, that darkness, gloom and lifelessness takes hold over the individual. Flame or fire meditation is the most effective way of infusing your life with Light and energy.

If for whatever reason, you can’t light a fire or flame, then look at the sun and then do the flame meditation. (For God sake don’t try this at mid noon. I mean early morning or in the evening.)

Look into the morning sun. That is the best way of doing Flame meditation. There is nothing better than meditating on the rising sun. It is the source of all physical light and thus the closest physical manifestation of the Divine Spark and Flame. Put yourself in the sun and follow the same prayer and routine. This is the best way of doing it. But you need to do it with the morning sun for obvious health and optical reasons. You can do it with the setting sun too. But the rising sun has great healing properties. Merging with the sun does wonders for the body, mind, aura; it also balances your elements in your body and strengthens your magnetic field force. Your aura gets nourished and this way you get balanced and protected.

Of course, all this is also achieved by fire meditation. But if one does the meditation and prayer and merges with the morning sun the results are going to be far better, achieved faster and will be more apparent and lasting. I recommend both the methods. Some people find the flame meditation more personal and reassuring. Sitting in their dark room, with only the flame, they feel more protected and nourished. It is personal.

The sun is the source of life and light. It gets directly nourished by the Great Flame, that we call God. The sun has nourishing and curative qualities. The sages knew about the power of the sun. As written earlier, Zoroastrians have to pray to the Sun. It is actually mandatory for them. Those following the Hindu faith too have been worshiping the sun since the beginning of time.

Sun temples were popular all over the world. The Pyramids also harness the sun’s energy, which is filtered in a calculated manner that allows energy to be preserved and keeps at bay corruption of whatever is placed within.

There is spiritual power and healing strengths in Light: the source, be it the Sun or just a flame. Also, another interesting thing about flame, fire or sun meditation is that the moment you begin chanting prayers, you begin to bestow the Sun and the flame with further energy. Thus, every time you pray to the sun or the fire, you actually through your prayers are bestowing energy to them. In return, the disciple is not only blessed with physical and material benefits but the Divine Spark, that glows in all beings, is strengthened and this in turn makes the connection between the individual Divine Spark and Cosmic Eternal Flame stronger. Thus, when you pray to the Sun or the flame, there is a bonding. Not only does the disciple receive, the disciple, through prayer, adds positive fuel and energy to the Sun and the flame. The disciple is blessed for doing this and the most beneficial blessing is bestowed: strengthening the bond between the individual’s Divine Spark with the Cosmic Eternal Flame. Thus, the rewards are so great that we believe flame meditation and prayers are mandatory for spiritual, physical, emotional, auric, material and mental benefits.

According to me, this flame, fire, Sun, meditation and the prayer given, is the simplest way of walking the path of God. You are cleansing and protecting yourself but not asking Providence for anything, but to equip you to face life with dignity. Live and die with dignity. It is also the surest way of reaching your destination.

This meditation will cleanse you, nourish you, nurture you, guide you, guard you, protect you and most important of all, it shall connect your aura with the Light that originates from the Life Force. Once that connection is made, darkness caused by ignorance, hate, anger and all those accompanying emotions get burnt away in the great Divine Fire of Compassion.

Be Blessed



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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