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I met two very interesting men who are associated with the Manasa Foundation. They spoke to me at length about this very simple form of Light Meditation, that helps not only the individual but can be used to help loved ones and even the entire world. According to Manasa Foundation, ‘Light is the source from which the entire creation has come forth. Sages call this Divine Light, Shakti or God. The entire creation is made up of the Divine Light, thus we all too are particles of the Divine Light. Divine Light is in everything and in everybody. It is everywhere and operates at a different frequency. Divine Light has intelligence and wisdom. It has power and it has love. It is filled with energy and we can all tap into this energy. This Divine Light communicates and listens and solves. It gives peace, love, joy, confidence, increases our memory, concentration and is beneficial for our health. Most importantly this Divine Light heals. This Divine Light can be used to heal oneself, our loved ones, and Mother Earth.’ The technique is simple. I would like to reproduce the technique. Happy Meditation.

1. Sit calmly in a comfortable position.

    Place your right palm on your left palm.

2. Sit with your back straight. Gently close your eyes without any stress.

3. Take a slow, deep breath. Imagine the Divine Light entering your body along with the breath. While exhaling, imagine the Divine Light staying back and remaining in the body.

4. Take the next breath and repeat the same process. Repeat this style of breathing seven times.

5. Keep your eyes closed and you remain silent within. Imagine an ocean of the Divine Light above your head.

6. Imagine the Divine Light descending and falling onto your head. Imagine the Divine Light slowly entering your head and spreading inside the body.

7. Let the Divine Light completely fill you from inside.

8. Experience, feel and enjoy the Divine Light for two to three minutes.

9. Now imagine a ball of the Divine Light at the centre of your chest.

10. Communicate with this ball of the Divine Light inside you. Tell the Divine Light your problems and sorrows. Ask for help and guidance.

11. Pray to the Divine Light to forgive you for your wrong deeds. Forgive others for their mistakes and deeds.

12. Pray to the Divine Light for love, strength, peace, happiness and good health. Pray for intelligence, good memory and concentration.

13. Feel and experience this Divine Light at the centre of your chest for two to three minutes.

14. Now imagine and experience the Divine Light coming out of your body and spreading slowly. Spread it in your home, school, city, state, country, and the whole world.

15. Remain in this state of experiencing the Divine Light inside and outside of you for around five to seven minutes.

16. You can sit in this state even for a longer period but try not to sit for more than twenty-four minutes. The longer you stay the more it will help.

17. Finally, thank the Divine Light for all its blessings and help. Open your eyes slowly.

Be blessed always.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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