The Fakir – The Journey Within – 2020

“The real journey begins when one can’t bear the darkness in one’s being and soul. This is when the search for Light commences. This is when the true journey begins.”

Rudra is exactly where he wants to be…with his Baba, his Fakir, learning about life, the laws of the ancient world and, most importantly, how to embrace spirituality in one’s turbulent journey. They travel through astral realms and learn how live and pray, and understand that calmness leads to further stillness and restlessness leads to further chaos.

As he continues to serve Baba, much is revealed to Rudra.  Baba tells him, ‘Remember, Heaven is filled with those who have failed but have got back on their feet, dusted their mistakes and follies, smiled and walked on with The Name on their lips and with the comfort of a compassionate Heaven in their hearts.’

Baba explains how one needs to live life and be in the moment. How one can move beyond certain impulses and reactions. He explains the easiest way to embrace Karma calmly, to befriend the mind and, most importantly, live with grace and pray with gratitude.

This book is for the true seeker. For those who want to go inward and find their Goddess, God and Guru residing within. It explains that Karma is not our enemy, Karma is our greatest friend and when embraced joyously that very Karma leads to salvation and liberation.

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