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Archangel Gabriel is the voice of The Creator. Every Prophet from the beginning of time, eventually, was embraced by Gabriel’s Energy, not only to become self realised but also to become The Medium for The Lord’s words. Every scripture written or passed down through the word of mouth was delivered by Gabriel to The Prophet.

Let us give a more human approach to the whole working of The Big Boys up there.

So you have The Corporate House, started by a very reclusive and elusive Thinker. S(H)e is the CEO of the organization. Let us call the company Universal Illusions. So, the Head Honcho is the CEO (Chief Everything Overlord) nicknamed God. S(H)e has appointed extremely able Managing Directors, known as Perfect Masters. The day to day functioning is segregated into various Departments of Light.

Why Department of Light, is because as we humans are made of five elements (actually most of us humans are made of six elements if you count stupidity as an element), Angels are made of Divine Light.

Thus, you have Head of Security, Protection & Records and Documentation, Archangel Michael. Head of Wellbeing and Health, Archangel Raphael. Head of Communications and Chief Spokesperson of the CEO, Archangel Gabriel. There are more, but for now let us focus on Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is the face to the voice of the elusive CEO, who is never seen, loves to play the Harp which requires tuning, and only communicates with the Managing Directors and the Heads of the various Departments.

All communication is handled by Archangel Gabriel. Remember the Archangels came before Religion. Archangels are not Christians. Zoroastrians have been praying to Archangels and Angels called Haft Ameshaspandans (Seven Archangels) and Angels called Yezatas, thousands of years before the birth of Christ and long before Moses. The Hindus have Sapt Rishis (Seven Sages) who are as ancient as the Archangels mentioned by Prophet Zarathushtra.

I believe that the Seven Sages are the Archangels. I am of the opinion that even Christianity believes in Seven Archangels and so do the Muslims. The number Seven is important in the world of spirituality, occult and the paranormal. Seven Chakras, seven notes in music, seven colours to the rainbow, seven dimensions, seven figures taken home by movie stars to promote a soap that gives no lather and so on and so forth.

But I don’t believe there are only Seven Archangels. I believe that There are many who work, whose Names are not revealed or revealed to those mediums who keep silent or go about working with the Archangels, known popularly or silently, as the Archangels don’t desire anything but to serve The Lord.

You have Zoroastrians, Hindus, Jews Christians, Muslims, and other religions who believe that The Lord created Archangels and Angels to oversee the functioning of Creation and help the psychotic specie with a self destructive DNA called mankind to move towards The Light. 

Archangels follow the word and directive of The Lord. Christianity doesn’t advocate praying to Archangels while Zoroastrians have detailed prayers seeking to Them, seeking Their intervention, help and love.

Many believe that Gabriel is not an Archangel as often there is a debate that in The Bible, New Testament, only Michael is called an Archangel, but I wonder how it matters, as here you have Gabriel who is the voice of God.

Back to Archangel Gabriel.

Thus, when S(H)e wants a message to reach somebody, a personal intimate message, could be a word or a complete document, Gabriel delivers the communication. It is thus believed that Prophet Moses was visited by Archangel Gabriel and given the Commandments. Mother Mary was informed by Archangel Gabriel that She would through immaculate conception bear within Her womb, Lord Jesus. The entire Koran was dictated by Archangel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammed. Hafiz, (Avatar Meher Baba’s favourite Poet) who Himself was a Perfect Master was twice visited by Archangel Gabriel and given the good Lord’s message.

During channeling sessions with Baba Sai of Shirdi, often it has come through that the voice of The Lord can be heard only via the soul and that the soul should be so clear, so light, so open, that even a sigh of a dying dewdrop can be heard. The soft voice of The Lord is for all but unfortunately most of us are so caught up with the loud sound of power, ego, money, lust, jealousy, envy and fear, that the poor Lord can speak till His spiritual toes become maroon in colour, we ain’t going to hear a damn.

Also each one of us wants to put a face to Our Lord. The Lord is Complete Pure Energy, no shape, size or wardrobe. One can ask why would Prophets need Archangel Gabriel to communicate The Lord’s message. They are pure, Their soul pristine, Their soul always on the wings of the Eternal Divine Song.

True, but remember that the language of the Lord is through the soul. Even Prophets need a sign, a voice, a Persona, to assuage the doubt tearing within Themselves that They are not imagining something, that They are not going nuts, that They are not going mad (as this is repeatedly told to them by the public that doubts, accuses, ridicules Them). Prophets don’t have it easy. They stand alone during Their time and era, speaking something unheard of to people who want to cling on to prejudice, superstition, and false age old upbringing. The Prophets don’t have it easy. They are anyways already ridiculed, beaten and spat on because of what They believe and speak. They too need more then OR than soul talk. They need to believe that They haven’t lost the plot. Thus, most Prophets have gone away into seclusion and come back enlightened. Of course false prophets have gone into seclusion and come back either stoned or completely nuts, but we are talking of The Big Boys.

In Their meditation and seclusion, Archangel Gabriel has come through and spoken to the Master or Child of God. Sometimes come often, like for Prophet Moses. Gabriel came for decades, slowly dictating the Koran, while to Mother Mary He came through once and told The Mother of the immaculate conception and arrival of Christ through Her.

Every time you and I beseech our God, Goddess, Master to come through, The words come through via the Archangel Gabriel (each Religion may have a different Name for Archangels, but focus on His Energy, which is important).

Each time you want a word from God, Goddess or Master, beseech Archangel Gabriel to intervene and put forward your appeal to the elusive CEO and trust me, the message will be delivered, some way or the other; in prayer, meditation, dreams, even via the mouth of a child or the badly edited newspaper.

Gabriel comes through when one writes, talks, sermonizes, the word of God. Thus, for those into spiritual writings, calling out to Archangel Gabriel is truly important. For all those in communication seek the help of Archangel Gabriel. Psychics, healers, mediums, those in the realm of Light Work, call out to Archangel Gabriel and you will see, hear and feel The Divine Presence.

Each one of us wants a message sometime or the other, a confirmation of being loved and heard, doubts to be assailed through a word, a thought, a dream, call out to Archangel Gabriel. When life becomes unbearable and there seems to be no Light even at the end of the tunnel, a soft word of hope, is like finding an oasis in the desert of life.

Also being the Messenger of God, one can seek glimpses of the future if one calls upon Gabriel. Also when fear, doubt, hopelessness, clouds The Light, call upon Gabriel, as a word from The Harpist, can clear darkness and the feeling of defeat, helplessness and the futility of existence. Gabriel is called upon when one needs guidance for the future. Michael who is in charge of all the Akashik Records works in tandem with Gabriel, and thus a glimpse into the future, a good word from The Lord and darkness flees, dew drops of hope spring forth and a spring to one’s Faith envelopes us with comfort, strength and most important of all, hope.

I know for certainty that when one channel’s it is Archangel Gabriel who comes through. It is He who speaks The Master or The Lord’s words. Explains, counsels, heals and guides.  The Lord and The Master speak through parables, thus a line can mean so much more. It is The Archangel’s who then explain the meaning via the medium or the writer or the counselor or healer. Archangel Gabriel is The One who then articulates the words and the meaning.

I was told just the other day in channeling by Baba Sai of Shirdi, that the books that speak on God and the other side and the realms and dimensions, all are spoken through by Archangel Gabriel. The Master in a few lines details what needs to be passed on and it is The Archangel who goes through the labour of slowly making the book take shape and also see to it that it reaches the desired people who need the Word.

Enough of my two bit rambling. Archangel Gabriel, is also called Gibril and Jibril. Many believe Gabriel is a woman just as Archangel Michael is a man, but how does gender enter the realm of Archangels, when it is very clear that Archangels are made only of Light. How does one put gender to Divine Light.

Gabriel means God Is My Strength. So, first there was The Word and through The Word everything followed and it is His Word or the Eternal Truth  which shall set you, me and everybody Free. The Word is The Truth which will set us Free. Archangel Gabriel carries The Word and thus God is my Strength, as, in The Word of God lies all the Strength and Freedom.

Damn I have begun rambling again. Not good.

In both the Old Testament and The New Testament, Archangel Gabriel is mentioned. In the Old Testament, Archangel Gabriel comes forth to Prophet Daniel, explaining to Daniel the meaning of certain visions which The Prophet had seen and needed more clarity on them.

Gabriel appeared to Zecharias predicting the birth of John The Baptist and as mentioned above, to Mother Mary, announcing the birth of Lord Christ. In Islam, Archangel Gabriel who is called Jibrai’il, dictates the Koran to Prophet Mohammed over a few decades. In fact it is said that the very manner in which Muslims pray all over the world, their posture and all that they do was first taught and shown by Archangel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammed. He tells Prophet Mohammed, ‘I was ordered to do so (to show exactly how the prayers are to be done to Prophet Mohammed)’. Who could have ordered Gabriel but The Lord.

 There is the beautiful passage where Prophet Mohammed tells one and all about His spiritual, astral and causal cleansing. “While I was at Mecca the roof of my house was opened and Gabriel descended, opened my chest, and washed it with Zam-zam (Holy Water) water. Then he brought a golden tray full of wisdom and faith and having poured its contents into my chest, he closed it. Then he took my hand and ascended with me to the nearest heaven…”

In 1 Enoch 40:9[6], Enoch inquires as to who the figures are who standing in front of Him, He is told, ‘This first one, is the Holy Michael, the merciful and long-suffering. And the second, who is in charge of all the diseases, and in charge of all the wounds of the sons of men, is Raphael. And the third, who is in charge of all the powers, is the Holy Gabriel. And the fourth, who is in charge of repentance and hope of those who will inherit eternal life, is Phanuel’.

So, as you can see, Gabriel is in charge of all the powers, as first there was The Word and all the power comes from The Word and Gabriel delivers The Word of God and thus Gabriel is in charge of all the power that comes from The Word.

How casually we take our words and how often we slander and waste the breath of God and Gabriel. Hmmmm, not good.

 One of the most beautiful and profound stories I read while going through the works on Gabriel is His intervention and His presence in the life of Poet and Perfect Master Hafiz. It’s a love story that for once doesn’t end in divorce or lifelong spiritual growth, which is a polite term for the long misunderstood institution called marriage.

Hafiz it seems was considered very small in stature and would be ridiculed for His looks. Many even were petty to call Him ugly. He was twenty one years old and had already memorized the complete Koran. He had begun to write poems under a pen name. He worked in a bakery though He was well versed with many languages and was very good in both mathematics and astronomy. He worked all day and studied at night. Since He was thirteen He had read most of the works of famous poets and also read and studied the lives and works of the Perfect Masters. His colleagues at the bakery knew about His writing poems and men being daft and filled with a certain false sense of bravado and ill placed manhood would make fun of His poems and the way He looked. So one can suffice it to say that Hafiz was not happy.

One day He was asked to deliver bread in a locality infested with the very rich. There He saw this beautiful woman. Her beauty took His breath away. Her name was Shakh-i-Nabat and the literal translation being the ‘Branch of a Sugarcane’, and why anybody in God’s name, would name their daughter a sugar cane or a branch of it is a topic of debate best left for another article, but Miss Shakh was awe-inspiring to look at and Hafiz could barely breathe. This usually happens to me when I sit with my chartered account and he tells me how much I owe the government of our beautiful country in the form of income tax.

Hafiz since that moment could do nothing but think of Miss Branch of the Sugarcane. He began to write poems about her. He knew His chances of having this ethereal beauty love Him was not very promising but He could little help Himself. When your own heart no longer belongs to yourself what can one do? To make matters worse, Hafiz bhai came to know that His love was to be married to a Prince.

It was then that He remembered Baba Kuhi and the promise He had given to His followers. Baba Kuhi was a Perfect Master and a Poet who lived in Shiraz and took Samadhi in 1050 or there about.

The promise Baba Kuhi had given was if anybody could stay awake for forty days and also forty nights, but the nights spend by His Mazar, would be granted the gift of immortality, poetry and anything that the heart desired. Hafiz, so much in love with the lady of His dreams, decided that the only way He could woo and win the woman, was to spend forty nights near Baba Kuhi’s place of eternal wakefulness. I am not sure if each night one had to light a lamp or diya but that could be so.

Thus, He would work at the bakery, pass by the house of Shakh and spend the night, awake, most often praying, near Baba Kuhi’s Samadhi (and light the lamp I think each night). Now a strange thing took place. Shakh-i-Nabat had heard a few of the poems Hafiz had written in praise of her. She had begun to observe Hafiz pass by her house each day, and she realised that with each passing day He seemed more tired but there was something about Him which made her slowly yearn for Him.

Virtually on the thirty-ninth day, when Hafiz had to spend just one more night awake next to Baba’s Samadhi, she walked up to Him and told Him that she would rather marry somebody who loved her the way He did and who was profound in His work and expression of the heart and soul than marry a prince. But Hafiz was in a daze. He looked at her, nodded but walked on. He had to finish the forty day spiritual vigil and light the lamp. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for Him to move away from this woman, who He loved so much that it hurt.

Forty nights eventually passed and Archangel Gabriel came in front of Hafiz in all His glory. It is said that Gabriel gave Hafiz a cup to drink which contained the water of immortality (thus Hafiz, His poems and His spirituality will remain immortal) and by drinking the water He was also granted the blessing of eternal poetry. Now came the time for the third wish to be granted. Anything Hafiz wanted Gabriel had to grant.

Gabriel asked Hafiz what did He want? Hafiz looked at Archangel Gabriel and realised that this was true beauty. Gabriel, who according to me is covered in Golden rays (though I am aware many say He is covered in white) looked so majestic, so beautiful, so comforting, that Hafiz forgot all about Miss Sugarcane. All He could think about was if Archangel Gabriel is so beautiful, how truly beautiful our Lord and Creator would be?

Hafiz looked at Archangel Gabriel and said, “Give me God….I want God.”

Gabriel hearing the words of Hafiz smiled and directed Hafiz to go to a particular place in Shiraz, to a shop which sold perfumes, owned by Mohammed Attar, who was a Perfect Master, but preferred nobody to be aware of His spiritual stature. Gabriel promised Hafiz that if He would serve Mohammed Attar, selflessly and without questioning, a day would come in the future that Hafiz would become God realised.

Mohammed Attar, The Perfect Master, was awaiting Hafiz. As soon as He saw Him, He embraced Hafiz and told Him to keep writing poetry, keep Mohammed’s Godhood as a secret and to obey Him, no ifs and buts.

Henceforth when Hafiz wrote about His Master and praised Him, He never mentioned His name but once called His Master, Rose Coloured.

For forty years Hafiz served His Master but His anguish for being away from God and Realisation of God, had ravaged His very soul. What He thought was a journey of a few years had gone on for four decades.

One day Hafiz could take it no more and He wept near His Master and Mohammed Attar asked Him the reason for such anguish and tears and Hafiz cried out that for forty years He had served and served without a doubt and question and what had He got in return. The Master smiled and told Him to be patient and He would get the answer and Hafiz, looked at His Master and said, “I was certain You would tell me exactly this.” He got up and left the shop.

Ironically forty years hadn’t passed but exactly forty days were left to complete the forty years period that Hafiz had met His Master for the first time. Hafiz went home and drew a circle around Himself. He had decided to remain in the circle for forty days till He did not get what His very soul yearned for.

This is something that Sufis, including Avatar Meher Baba’s father, have done or tried to do, to obtain spiritual grace. It is called ‘Chehel-a-Nash- ini’ where the spiritual seeker sits under self imposed confinement, never leaving the circle, no matter what for forty days, no food or water, for no reason, in the hope that when the forty days are over, God grants any and every spiritual desire sought.

Once again Hafiz succeeded and managed to remain in the circle and Archangel Gabriel, was sent by God, to once again meet Hafiz.

Gabriel was aware why Hafiz had drawn the circle and what His heart truly desired, yet He asked of Hafiz, what did the great, noble, renowned poet want? And Hafiz smiled and said, “I only want to wait on the pleasure of my Master’s wish.” In other words “I only want to love and serve my Master and His wish is my command.”

Hafiz ran out of the circle and reached the home of His Master, who was waiting for Hafiz. The Master embraced His child and made Him drink wine that was of two years old. The moment He drank the wine, Hafiz became God realised. Hafiz lived in the body for another eight years, a God realised soul.

Three things are clear from this above narration. Hafiz eventually realised that The Master comes even before God and nothing comes before loving and serving The Master. Second, both times it is Archangel Gabriel who comes forth, not Baba Kuhi or The Creator, to grant Hafiz’s wish, which shows in the Hierarchy of Archangels, where Archangel Gabriel, truly stands. Third, the two year old wine, they don’t make that wine no more.

How many Archangels are there, the good Lord above knows, but I am certain, you call out to Them, with name or without, They will be there, standing by you, nurturing you, protecting you, healing and counseling you, helping you to move towards the Light. Archangel Gabriel is The One who speaks the word of The Lord. Call out and be silent and Hear The Words pour through, into the very silent abyss of your soul and Higher Self.

Archangel Gabriel like all Angels belongs to nobody but anyone who truly yearns, believes and calls out with faith, to him Archangel comes forth in all Divine Glory.

It is all about Faith. The foundation of heaven, with God and Goddess, Masters and Archangels and all Light Workers, are balancing on the pillars of true love and complete faith.

All else is shadow boxing.

Be Blessed.

A Prayer Baba Sai of Shirdi has given for
Archangel Gabriel

I beseech You Archangel Gabriel to help me hear The Lord’s voice.

The sound of the world has silenced the voice of The Lord.

Help me hear The Words that come from Him, the Source and Comforter.

I pray to You Archangel Gabriel that what I speak be the words that make the Lord happy and proud of us,

Let His voice and mine speak the same language of love, faith and surrender.

I beseech you to make His Words resound in my very soul thus helping me speak what He wants of me.

Archangel Gabriel the way You showed the path to the Prophets and to the Mother of Christ, Mary,

Show me the path too, am lost, flawed and weak.

Strengthen me with the comfort that comes forth from The Lord, our Father and Mother, who are in Heaven and in our very soul.

 Help me Archangel Gabriel to live a life that is pure and truthful, but brave and courageous too.

Do not let me go astray from the Path but always guide me with your calm and strong words to walk the Path.

When wrong, show me the way,

When lost let me hear Your guidance,

When weak let Your Words strengthen me,

When proud, Your sigh humble me,

When astray lead me back to The Lord, our Father and Mother, in Heaven and in our very heart and soul.

Give me the power of speech,

Give me the power of divination,

Give me the blessing to guide myself and my loved ones,

Give me the selflessness to voice Your Words for the weak and downtrodden,

Let the Words of the Lord be my Words through You Archangel Gabriel.

Say a good word for me, my loved ones, my ancestors, for the weak, ill, aged, lonely, abandoned and all those in the spirit plane and those who are languishing in between.

Archangel Gabriel, who stands close to The Lord, speak for the dumb and the mute,

A word from You will set right all that which has gone wrong

Be by my side Archangel Gabriel,

By the side of all those who work for The Light and The Lord.

So be it as I Pray,

Archangel Gabriel, The Voice of God, The Strength of God, The Master’s Voice, be with me, now and forever, beyond the beyond.



Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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